Ethereum Bulletin #37

Busting some myths around staking , Protocol Guild Pilot proposes Nouns for funding, details about the Merge, Community call #5, Announcing the release of sudoAMM

Ethereum Bulletin #37


Busting some myths around staking

A tweet from Superphiz, Ethereum Beacon Chain community health consultant debunking staking myths and demonstrating how simple it is to start staking. The methods he described in the thread below can be used to meet the basic requirements (such as software and hardware, 32 ETH, etc.).

Protocol Guild Pilot proposes Nouns for funding

The purpose of the proposal is to request 500 ETH (2 percent of the treasury) from the Nouns community in order to fund the deployment of the 1 year Pilot Vesting Contract at theProtocolGuild.eth. If you are a member of the Nouns community, after two days you can vote for or against the motion using the provided link.

Some details about the Merge

Community call #5

The main agenda of the meeting will be to discuss about the Goerli testnet merge and soonafter the mainnet merge too.

It is scheduled on Friday, July 15 at 14:00 UTC (10:00 ET)

Announcing the public release of sudoAMM

Sudoswap's new marketplace protocol for NFT trading is called sudoAMM. It is totally on-chain, gas-efficient, and very versatile. Users can set up liquidity-providing pools that progressively buy or sell NFTs along price curves, directly list NFTs at fixed prices, and establish pools that do all of these things. The site charges a fee of just 0.5 percent. Support for ERC1155, ERC20 token routing, further unique bonding curves, and more AMM management infrastructure are among the things it intends to deliver.

Binance Volume Surges After Zero Trading Fee Policy Goes Live

After its global zero trading charge policy went live, Binance's trading volume increased. Since March 2020, it was the greatest day volume. The increase was probably brought on by individuals attempting to climb the VIP tiers through heavy trading. Binance will not factor BTC trading into VIP calculations, removing any incentive for users to wash trade.

Russian Bank executes first Digital Asset transaction

The biggest bank in Russia, Sberbank, announced the rollout of the blockchain platform with smart contracts. The 17th of March 2022 saw the licencing and approval of this platform. Sberbank executed a 1 billion rouble (about $15 million) three-month-maturity issue as the first transaction incorporating a digital financial asset (DFA) on its own blockchain-based platform.

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