EtherWorld Weekly July 3, 2022

SwaySwap launch, ENS App V3, Gray Glacier was Successful, Immutable announced staking, Meta Launches Meta Pay, and many more news and project updates are covered in today's newsletter and to help you expand your knowledge we've also included a few podcasts.

EtherWorld Weekly July 3, 2022



Ethereum news

Bonsai from Hyperledger
Hyperledger Besu is an umbrella project of open-source blockchain protocols and tools that was started by the Linux Foundation in 2015.

ENS App V3
Alpha Version of New ENS App has been released. ENS team has released alpha version mainly for two reasons:

  • To give the community a better glimpse into what’s to come
  • To get as much feedback as we can on design and functionality, as we build in public.

Loopring: Ethereum’s First zkRollup
Loopring is Ethereum's first ZK-Rollup layer 2. Loopring has been around since August 2017 and was created by Daniel Wang.

Sepolia Merge Announced
Sepolia will be the second of three public testnets to run through The Merge. The network will transition to proof-of-stake when the total difficulty on the proof-of-work chain exceeds 17,000,000,000,000,000, which is expected to occur around in the next few days.

Ethereum Bulletin

Ethereum Bulletin 31
Ankr resolved the DNS hijack, FTX has pulled back its deal with Celsius, Flipkart launched Fire drops 3AC is censured by the Singapore Central Bank for making false and misleading disclosures, BlockFi to be bought by FTX for $25 million.

Ethereum Bulletin 30
Sepolia Merge Announcement, Gray Glacier Upgrade Successfull, 2.5 Million Ethereum Removed, North Korea’s Lazarus group identified as hackers, OpenSea admits to email data breach, Coinbase Announces Support for altcoin and stablecoin project, Meta begins testing NFT's on profiles

Ethereum Bulletin 29
Gray Glacier Hardfork time announced, Rocket Pool- Redstone Upgrade, Obol released “Charon v0.7” and a new landing page, Reworking TVL on L2BEAT The data availability problem, Zero MEV is live

Ethereum Bulletin 28
Circle partners with New York Community Bank, OKX will support Gray Glacier Upgrade, StarkEx Version 4.5 released, DAI on Vivid Money, HackFS by ETHGlobal, P2P Validator is building Neutron, Zeromev is live

Ethereum Bulletin 27
The Norwegian Govt announced that they are releasing a solution on public Ethereum, EulerDAO is live, ZigZag’s tokenomics, Why decentralised Sequencers are necessary for Rollups, Update your Ethereum Node before the next Hard fork, New ESP website launched

Ethereum Bulletin 26
Sepolia Testnet Merge on July 6th, Possible Path on Account Abstraction, Alpha Version of New ENS App Released, ERC-721 & ERC-1155 Token Transfers added to Etherscan's Watchlist, Coinbase Supports Deposit & Withdrawal on Polygon Mainnet

World News

DNS Attack affects Polygon and Fantom
Fantom and Polygon's main RPC compromised and they urged users to use alternate RPC service providers like Infura and more.

OpenSea says the company has suffered a data breach
OpenSea has acknowledged that there has been a data breach. According to the platform, a employee gave a third party access to a list of OpenSea customers' email addresses.

Brazilian bank Nubank is now allowing its customers to purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum.
The biggest digital bank in Brazil, Nubank, now enables users to purchase, trade, and keep bitcoin using the bank's mobile application.

Lebanon Inflation Rate
In May 2022, Lebanon's annual inflation rate jumped to a three-month high of 211.43 percent from a five-month low of 206.24 percent, indicating the highest level since February.

Eurozone inflation hits record 8.6%
Price growth in the eurozone reached a record high of 8.6% in the year to June, escalating tensions among the European Central Bank's rate-setting committee over the pace of the bank's anticipated interest rate rises.

Russia has passed a bill to remove VAT taxes.
A bill on the taxation of digital assets was passed by the State Duma, the lower house of the Russian legislature, and it exempts their sale from value-added tax (VAT) in the Russian Federation. Other digital asset exchange services will also be excluded.

Projects Update

Gitcoin Grant Round results declared
Gitcoin Grant Round is ended now and the results have been declared for the same. Gitcoin Grant Round has recorded approxiately $4.9 Million, of which $3.2M came from the combined matching pools and $1.7M was contributed by the community

Immutable announced staking
Immutable has announced staking, they mentioned that the first phase of staking will begin from 1st July.

SwaySwap launch on Ethereum's Modular Execution Layer
In the world of DeFi platforms, a new platform was introduced by FuelLabs, SwaySwap. It is a decentralized application similar to Uniswap that is running on a persistent Fuel devnet.

Meta Launches Meta Pay
Mark Zuckerberg made a post on Facebook, announcing the Meta Pay, the Metaverse dedicated digital wallet to support value interaction in the metaverse.

Circle partners with New York Community Bank
Circle has announced partnership with New York Community Bancorp Inc. to custody USDC reserves. The partnership with NYCB is Circle's first custody relationship with a community bank and brings digital financial literacy opportunities to the greater NYCB community.

OKX will support Gray Glacier Upgrade
OKX has announced that they'll be supporting Ethereum Gray Glacier Upgrade and to set up the network they had paused Deposit and Withdrawal of ETH and ERC-20 tokens for around 2 hours.

StarkEx Version 4.5 released
Starkware has announced StarkEx Version 4.5. In this version, ERC-1155 support is now available, and Transaction Bundling is also supported, it is useful while trading multiple asset types in one operation.

ConsenSys’ partnership with StarkWare
In order to provide developers with more network alternatives for a multi-chain future, ConsenSys announced a partnership with StarkWare and the inclusion of ZK-rollups to MetaMask and Infura.

Cosmos Hub set to introduce interchain security
In the upcoming months, Cosmos will roll out a brand-new feature called interchain security. Certain application-specific chains can use the Cosmos Hub to secure themselves due to interchain security.

Voyager Digital temporarily suspends trading, deposits, and withdrawals
Voyager Digital, a digital asset brokerage, is temporarily halting all customer trading, deposits, and withdrawals.

Circle partners with New York Community Bank
Circle has announced partnership with New York Community Bancorp Inc. to custody USDC reserves. The partnership with NYCB is Circle's first custody relationship with a community bank and brings digital financial literacy opportunities to the greater NYCB community.

Tech update

Podcasts & Videos

Ethereum's Hidden Power Structures
Everything is discussed in this podcast from basic principles, which helps to highlight how difficult the topics are. You'll know more about the function of blockbuilders, the new post-merge roles, everything MEV, and so much more.

They talked about the Nimbu upgrade, team, functionality, and more in this podcast.

Resilient DeFi
The issues with DeFi today, what Volt is and will be in the future, symmetric money systems, self-referential feedback mechanisms, and much more have all been explored and attempted to be explained.

Green Pill 23
They discussed Web3 and Green DAO and how Green DAO benefits or affects the climate in this episode.

Blockchain Events

Job listing


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