Ethereum Bulletin #29

Gray Glacier Hardfork time announced, Rocket Pool- Redstone Upgrade, Obol released “Charon v0.7” and a new landing page, Reworking TVL on L2BEAT The data availability problem, Zero MEV is live

Ethereum Bulletin #29


Gray Glacier Hardfork time announced

On June 30, between 3:30 and 4:00 AM PT, the upgrade at block 15,050,000 of Gray Glacier is expected to take place. The information isbased on the current 16.01-second average block timing. Less than 16 hours remain (at the time of writing) for you to upgrade your Ethereum nodes. Doing so is crucial because failing to do so could result in monetary losses.

Rocket Pool- Redstone Upgrade

Using the Rocket Pool Ethereum staking platform, users may receive staking rewards on their ETH holdings without having to worry about maintaining a complex staking infrastructure. As The Merge draws near, they have introduced the Redstone Upgrade, which aims to help all participants in decentralised staking, including those that employ liquid stakes like rETH and the network of decentralised node operators. In this blog, David Rugendyke, the founder, CTO, and Ethereum developer of Rocket Pool, goes into greater detail about the planned changes.

Obol released "Charon v0.7" and a new landing page

The Obol Network is a trust-minimized staking infrastructure that enables users to design, evaluate, deploy, and manage distributed validators. General fixes, UX enhancements, refactor work, and the addition of some new features, such as QBFT consensus being enabled by default, are included in the release of Charon v0.7. They have also launched a new, attractive landing page where you can easily learn about their goals, how distributed validators operate, its benefits, etc.

Reworking TVL on L2BEAT

The website L2BEAT does research on Ethereum layer two scalability solutions. It has started a forum for talks about the protocol's future, and they have stated that they have received many of the proposals that will be debated. They have gone into greater detail on subjects like TVL, AUM, small-cap tokens, total supply vs. circulating supply, etc.

View the details here.

The data availability problem

Henri,Developer Advocate for StarkWare Limited explains the "Zk rollups", "Validiums", "Volition", "DAC", "Data availability layer" in a series of threads below.

Zero MEV is live

The zeromev frontrunning explorer, supported by EF Ecosystem Support Program, provides a clear and in-depth view of Miner Extractable Value (MEV) and transaction reordering (frontrunning and censoring) on the Ethereum network. Pmcgoohan , founder of zeromev provided a walkthrough and a starting point guidance in the tweet below.

How does work

An NFT lending protocol called Astaria created the three actor model (3 AM). An appraiser, a borrower, and a lender are present in 3AM. Astaria will radically alter the process of NFT lending. Peer-to-peer lending models are currently the most effective. Users must seek quotes using a high-touch paradigm that is impractical for large-scale use before leaving and returning. It's peer-to-pool modelling at 3 AM. What these terms actually represent and their relevance are has been clarified by Joseph Delong, CTO of Astaria, in the thread below.

LINK Rallies as Much as 8% After Listing on Robinhood

Robinhood has listed Chainlink's LINK token on its platform. It is the first time the platform has listed new tokens since mid-April. The listing resulted in LINK rallying by about 8%. Robinhood stocks recently spiked due to rumours that FTX was looking into a deal to acquire it.

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