Ethereum Bulletin #28

Circle partners with New York Community Bank, OKX will support Gray Glacier Upgrade, StarkEx Version 4.5 released, DAI on Vivid Money, HackFS by ETHGlobal, P2P Validator is building Neutron, Zeromev is live

Ethereum Bulletin #28


Circle partners with New York Community Bank

Circle has announced partnership with New York Community Bancorp Inc. to custody USDC reserves. The partnership with NYCB is Circle's first custody relationship with a community bank and brings digital financial literacy opportunities to the greater NYCB community.

OKX will support Gray Glacier Upgrade

OKX has announced that they'll be supporting Ethereum Gray Glacier Upgrade and to set up the network they will pause Deposit and Withdrawal of ETH and ERC-20 tokens for around 2 hours on 29th of June at 09:30 (UTC). Trading of ETH and ERC-20 tokens will not be affected during the network upgrade.

StarkEx Version 4.5 released

Starkware has announced StarkEx Version 4.5. In this version, ERC-1155 support is now available, and Transaction Bundling is also supported, it is useful while trading multiple asset types in one operation. Volition - For any asset they own, Volition gives your users the option to switch between Rollup mode (on-chain data) and Validium mode (off-chain data).

DAI on Vivid Money

Vivid Money, the digital banking and investment platform, has announced that they will be adding a DAI token which is pegged 1:1 to USD on their platform soon.

HackFS by ETHGlobal

Recently ETHGlobal organized the ETHNewYork event, which went amazing, and now they've announced HackFS which is starting on the 8th of July and ending on the 29th of July, this is a Hackathon event. For this event, ETHGlobal has collaborated with Protocol Labs.

P2P Validator is building Neutron

P2P Validators, a venture capital firm that helps the investors with their investments, has introduced Neutron. Neutron is a venue for Interchain Smart-Contract deployment. P2P has announced that they will be building this platform. This platform will CosmWasm Enabled, Cosmos-Hub Secured, and DeFi for the Interchain Smart Contracts.

Zeromev is live

Pmcgoohan, founder of zeromev has tweeted, zeromev frontrunning explorer is live now. Their main aim is to protect users by researching solutions and empowering the users by providing information to help them understand and avoid harmful MEV.

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