ConsenSys’ partnership with StarkWare (ZK-rollup to Infura and MetaMask)

In order to provide developers with more network alternatives for a multi-chain future, ConsenSys announced a partnership with StarkWare and the inclusion of ZK-rollups to MetaMask and Infura.

ConsenSys’ partnership with StarkWare (ZK-rollup to Infura and MetaMask)


Partnership Announcement with StarkWare

To provide users and developers more alternatives for participating in the development of a multi-chain future, ConsenSys has announced cooperation with StarkWare.

StarkWare is a blockchain software company that specializes in ZK-rollup solutions like the StarkNet Layer 2 Validity-Rollup. It uses STARK technology, a set of cryptographic proofs that are zero-knowledge, condensed, transparent, and post-quantum secure, enhancing the scalability and privacy of blockchains.

Infura concurs with StarkNet

Starknet will now be supported by Infura, the leading blockchain infrastructure platform. For quicker and less expensive transactions inside the Ethereum ecosystem.

With simple, reliable access to Ethereum and IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), Infura provides the tools and infrastructure that developers need to quickly move their blockchain application from testing to scaled deployment. The Infura API suite offers immediate access to the Ethereum network over HTTPS and WebSockets.

Infura has integrated StarkNet into the Infura platform. With support for all RPC techniques, developers may now contact the StarkNet network via endpoints of the Infura API. As a result, developers may integrate their own business logic in a smart contract and deploy it without restriction on StarkNet. The advantages of developing using StarkNet on Infura for developers include:

  • Scalability, Speed, and Low Fees: Transaction aggregation allows for effective scaling and lower gas prices. StarkNet helped to enhance the speed of transactions.
  • Security: Dapps transactions on the Ethereum Mainnet are secured by Stark's proof-verification due to Starknet's quick finality.
  • Easier build and better user experience: Deployment of any business logic can be promoted with General-purpose smart contracts and the network's interoperable nature gives users a seamless experience.

“Infura is one of the world’s leading blockchain development suites. As such, StarkNet – the leading validity L2 on Ethereum, sees strategic importance in providing the growing ecosystem of StarkNet access to the best toolset for querying and analyzing the state of StarkNet. This is an incredibly significant step forward for StarkNet.”

~ Eli Ben-Sasson, Co-Founder and President at StarkWare, said this. Currently, a limited set of people may access StarkNet through Infura's private beta.

Support for ZK-rollup is implemented by MetaMask

StarkNet is now integrated with MetaMask. While Infura is providing a private beta for developers to explore the potential of the Infura network on StarkNet, MetaMask has produced a StarkNet snap for developers to build on the network.

MetaMask is the most well-known decentralized wallet on Web3. The free MetaMask web and mobile crypto wallet allow users to store and swap cryptocurrency. A growing number of decentralized applications (dapps) can be hosted on it, and they can interact with the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem.

With the help of MetaMask Snaps, developers may enhance the features of MetaMask and provide additional functionality for dapps, such as the ability to connect to non-EVM networks like StarkNet and a myriad of other purposes. Currently, Snaps are only available for MetaMask Flask's development version, which developers must install in their browser to leverage the integration.

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