Ethereum Bulletin #11

Opensea burnt $1B ETH , What's new in Eth 2, Ropsten is ready for The Merge experiment, Bound Historical Data in Execution Clients, Illuvium’s Land Sale ended with a bang

Ethereum Bulletin #11


Opensea burnt $1B ETH

As we know that miners get an amount (in ETH) paid for every transaction they approve which makes Ether potentially Ultrasound Money. In most layman terms burning ETH means the amount of money paid in a transaction to the Layer 1s. OpenSea being the widely accepted NFT marketplace burnt $1B in ETH which clearly states that Layer 2s are not parasitic to Layer 1s (This is a common negative notion about the L2s among people who don't understand the domain clearly )

What's new in Eth 2

Ben Edgington , Founder and product lead of the Teku Eth2 client has come with the latest edition of What's new in Eth 2 - 94th in a series of articles at which covers all the latest news and important information related to Ethereum including The Beacon Chain , Testing the Merge, Shadow Forking etc .

Ropsten is ready for The Merge experiment

Ropsten is going to be the first testnet to go through the Merge transition followed by Goerli and Sepolia. Ropsten Beacon Chain and Bellatrix upgrade activation has already been done and now the next step is the Merge transition .

Bound Historical Data in Execution Clients

As the process of Testing the Merge has started with Ropsten Testnet moving towards Merge transition Péter Szilágyi ,Team lead Ethereum has reminded clients post-merge, Ethereum execution clients will not guarantee the availability of all the chain history indefinitely.

Illuvium's Land Sale ended with a bang

Illuvium is a game studio launching P&E NFT games in the blockchain Metaverse, its Land Sale went live on June 2nd which is officially over now with some amazing stats.

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