Ethereum Bulletin #10

Ropsten TTD announced, Bellatrix transition was successful, Vitalik on Optmisim, 3.95B of gas burned in a day, Balancer launched, LSD for solo validators

Ethereum Bulletin #10


Ropsten's new TTD announced

As we and the Ethereum developers team have been constantly reminding you all that TTD will be announced once again and you have to manually override the TTD again . So, that just happened and the newly announced TTD is 50000000000000000 which stakers and node operators have to override in both their execution and consensus layer clients before June 7, 2022. The Merge is expected around June 8-9 for all the information further refer to this article .

Also , Ropsten TTD post & graphic just dropped , read if you're testing on Ropsten for how to set TTD overrides and client releases.

Altair->Bellatrix transition happened

The Bellatrix upgrade activation on the Ropsten Beacon Chain (RBC) was the second step towards the Merge and it has already been taken, The transition happened on epoch 750, and It was perfectly smooth.

Vitalik's view on Optimism surfaced public's contrasting opinions

Vitalik Buterin in his recent tweet praised Optimism for adding non-token governance (the Citizen House) and said "Optimism explicitly has goals other than just "make OP go up", and the only way to do that long-term is with explicit representation of non-token-holder interests."

To which people had different point views to express , you can see the whole conversations beneath Vitalik's tweet , here two of them from two recognisable personalities .

L2 "derives its security from Ethereum"

Bartek.eth has come with yet another amazing thread explaining how L2s drive security from L1s . He explained in his thread that "You do not need to trust Sequencer to post a valid block - L1 smart contract will verify that the block is valid. All data is available on-chain, you can always reconstruct full L2 state from it if needed."

Learn more in the thread linked below.

3.95B of gas used in a single day

Yesterday marked the highest amount of gas ever used on Ethereum mainnet to settle L2 transactions. 3.95B of the 100B daily gas limit was used to settle L2 transactions, or 3.95%. The possible reasons behind this could be the release of the Optimism airdrop claims which gave large amounts of OP tokens to the eligible wallets. This is also probably the reason behind many people getting involved in L2s in hopes of getting airdrops in the future.

Balancer is launched on Optimism

Balancer Labs contributes to Balancer Protocol - the leading platform for programmable liquidity. Balancer has launched on the Ethereum Layer 2 network Optimism.

Beethoven X, Balancer's first friendly fork on the Fantom blockchain, led the front-end integration efforts.

LSD for solo validators

Liquid Staking is in talks recently and projects like Lido due to its widespread acceptance in the market has higher dominance in this domain which is a potential risk to the infrastructural roots of Ethereum Blockchain . So, in the same context Justin Drake along with Vitalik Buterin and Francesco has come up with a proposal briefing LSD for solo validators. The LSD is secured via hardware-based slashing protection and enjoys higher capital efficiency than Lido's stETH.

You can read the full proposalhere.

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