EtherWorld's weekly: October 28, 2018

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Quote of the week

"Money right now comes from governments, but we're on the cusp of a new era where money will come from the people," Galia Benartzi, Bancor Co-founder.


World news

  • Mastercard Wants to Patent a Fractional Reserve Cryptocurrency Bank

  • New HTC Phone Can Only Be Bought With Bitcoin And Ethereum

  • "Blockchain for Sustainable Development”, a session on blockchain @United Nation

  • China has officially launched the “Blockchain Test Zone” in Hainan. Circulation and the Payment of Bitcoin in China is Not Illegal

  • Japan Approves Self-Regulation for Cryptocurrency Industry

  • India's first bitcoin ATM seized by police, Unocoin's co-founder held.

  • WBTC: A Community Effort to Bring Bitcoin to Ethereum

  • A Sting ops on Crypto News Outlet - a story on the appalling pay-to-play schemes that crypto news outlets are willing to engage in, profiting as their readers unwittingly buy coins that have been misleadingly promoted.

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New Projects

  • Pantheon: Ethereum JAVA client meetup on October 23, 2018
  • Settle: A web native operating system for decentralized finance. Launching on Nov. 12, 2018.
  • EthPM: Reusable smart contract packages
  • WePower/Elering Nationwide Energy Experiment Results Revealed
  • Iuno: Decentralized Banking as a Service. Reddit
  • Quisquis: A New Design for Anonymous Cryptocurrencies.
  • Continuous Organizations:
    Reinventing the financial incentives of organizations using Bonding Curves. An organization that sets up a Decentralized Autonomous Trust (DAT) and gives it value by funneling part or all of its present or future cash-flows to it.Whitepaper

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