Polygon zkEVM Achieves Milestone with Dragon Fruit Upgrade

In a historic move for Ethereum's Layer 2 solutions, Polygon zkEVM has unleashed its 'Dragon Fruit' upgrade on Mainnet Beta, pioneering support for the latest EVM opcode PUSH0. This marks a significant stride toward blockchain innovation and scaling.

Polygon zkEVM Achieves Milestone with Dragon Fruit Upgrade

In a significant development for the world of blockchain technology, Polygon zkEVM, a prominent Layer 2 solution for Ethereum, has successfully rolled out its major upgrade, codenamed "Dragon Fruit" or ForkID5, on the Mainnet Beta. This upgrade marks a historic moment as Polygon zkEVM becomes the first Ethereum Layer 2 solution to integrate support for the latest Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) opcode, PUSH0.

The Dragon Fruit upgrade ushers in several essential enhancements, further solidifying its place in the Ethereum ecosystem. To gain insights into the intricacies of Dragon Fruit and the governance process governing the consensus smart contract, the official announcement provides in-depth information.

For developers in the ecosystem, an important note is the requirement to adopt the latest versions of the node, prover, and bridge service, now available on GitHub:

One notable change that users may observe is the transformation of L2 block hashes. Before the upgrade, L2 blocks on Polygon zkEVM's Mainnet Beta underwent rehashing from the genesis stage. It's essential to clarify that this process did not impact any previous transactions or state roots. The rehashing was necessitated by a specific edge case associated with an earlier version of the executor (v1.1.x), which employed an unordered map of transaction logs. This led to discrepancies in block hash calculations. The rehashing procedure rectified these issues by recalculating L2 block hashes, ensuring that transactions are now processed with a completely deterministic L2 block hash.

Prior to its Mainnet deployment, the Dragon Fruit upgrade underwent rigorous testing on the public testnet, allowing developers to validate its robustness. Notably, this testing uncovered a low-risk bug, and the diligent researcher responsible was rewarded as part of Polygon zkEVM's ongoing bug bounty program. To ensure the upgrade's integrity, the bug and its subsequent fix were subjected to a thorough audit by Spearbit, with the audit report readily available.

This momentous upgrade underscores Polygon zkEVM's steadfast commitment to the continuous enhancement of Ethereum's scalability. Polygon Labs, the driving force behind these innovations, is dedicated to advancing the mass adoption of Web3 and, in doing so, building an inclusive and equitable future for all. For further updates and insights into Polygon zkEVM's journey, stay tuned to the Polygon Labs Blog.

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