Ether World 2022: Year in Review

Ether World 2022: Year in Review


Tech Articles

We have released highly researched technical blogs on popular Ethereum concepts and upgrades.

  1. What do Bellatrix, Paris & TTD mean in Ethereum Merge Upgrade?
    A quick guide to Bellatrix, Paris & TTD in The Merge Upgrade - How was the name decided?, Expected Changes, Beacon Chain, Validator responsibilities, Networking Fork Choice & much more.

  2. How Layer 3 in Future will look like?
    Layer 3: Framework Proposed by Starknet, Advantages, Layer 2, Layer 1, Layer 0

  3. An Overview of Beacon Chain API
    What is Beacon Chain?, PoS Ethereum Architecture, Node Vs Clients, Beacon Node API, Beacon Nodes Vs Validator Clients, Beacon Node API Vs Validator Client API, Security, Examples

  4. Transient Storage for Beginners
    EIP-1153: Need, Effects, Pros & Cons, Future Plans

  5. An Overview of Ultrasound Money
    A short and crisp explanation to the concept of Ultrasound Money!

  6. The Merge client release strategies
    Proposed Mainnet Merge Client release strategies, Single client release, Dual Client Release, Difference between Single and Dual Release, Single Release & TTD Override

  7. Incentives of being Ethereum Validators
    Rewards: Attestation rewards, Block Proposer rewards, Sync committee rewards & Penalties: Attestation penalties, Sync committee penalties, Inactivity leak, Slashing

  8. Ethereum Clients' Node Syncing Methods
    An overview of the syncing methods used by Ethereum Clients, Which syncing strategy is better - Fast or Snap Sync, Execution clients and its Syncing strategies and Key Points on the Syncing processes.

  9. Loopring: Ethereum’s First zkRollup
    Loopring: KeyFfeatures, Architecture, Staking, LRC Token, Hebao Wallet

  10. Akula Ethereum Implementation
    An Overview of Akula Ethereum Client, Erigon's Architecture, Why choose Erigon client, Akula's EVM & more.

Readers can follow more technical blogs here.

Research Reports

We have released 2 research reports with the help of Moloch DAO.

  1. MEV in DeFi
    A research report on MEV - Problem statement, identified solutions & post-Merge architecture.

  2. The Evolution of Ethereum Testnets
    An extensive research report on the evolution of the Ethereum testnets from genesis till the Merge upgrade.

Ethereum Bulletin

Ethereum Bulletin was an initiative by EW team to curate and shared the latest news on Ethereum Blockchain and related topics.

We have successfully published 94 editions!

Tech Explainers [Video]

  1. TWAMM: Time-Weighted Average Market Maker
    Intro, Definition, Example, Sandwich Attacks, Working, TWAP, Arbitrage Traders & Constant Product Formula

  2. MobyMask: An Initiative to Eliminate Phishers
    Intro, Team, Solidity Contract, Delegatable, Future, Reporters & Laconic Network

  3. Fractional NFTs: EIP-4675 using EIP-1155 & EIP-1633
    Definition, Working, Can Fractional NFTs be Reversed?, Advantages, Buyout Option, Problems in Traditional Process, EIP-4675, EIP-1155 & EIP-1155

  4. MEV Part 1: Front Running, Back Running & Sandwich Trading
    Introduction, Searcher, Mempool, Front Running, Generalized Frontrunners, Gas Golfing, Priority Gas Auctions, Flashbots, Back Running, Front Running vs Back Running, Sandwich Trading, Salmonella Contract

  5. The Merge Transition: Bellatrix, Paris & TTD
    Introduction, Ethereum Today, Bellatrix Upgrade, Engine API, Paris Upgrade, Summary & TTD

Readers can follow more technical explainers here.

Blockchain Concepts Explained in 60 seconds! [Video]

We have tried to explain common ethereum blockchain concepts in under 60 seconds.

  1. What is an Ethereum Account?

  2. Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs) Vs Contract Accounts

  3. What is an Ethereum Transaction?

  4. Ethereum Transaction Lifecycle

  5. What is Ethereum Validator?

Readers can follow more short videos here.

Highlights of All Core Devs Call

We have also covered Ethereum All Core Devs Call and CL Call. This is a technical call intended to bring together various Ethereum teams who play major roles in determining the direction of the protocol. Ethereum client and research teams provide updates on their projects, discuss various EIPs to improve the protocol and support each other as we build Web 3.0.

  1. Features & Timeline Sketched for Shanghai Upgrade
    Shanghai: Scope, Discussion, Timeline & EIPs Additional Updates: KZG Ceremony, Engine API Improvement Proposal

  2. Censorship Resistance Vs Scalability
    Censorship Resistance, Scalability, Effects on Current Ethereum Roadmap, EIP-4844 Progress, Layer 2 Situation

  3. Bounded Withdrawals Sweep Proposal
    Background, Why there is Need for Bounded Withdrawals?, What Methods or Constants are changed?, Criticisms

  4. Engine API Improvement Proposal
    What is Engine API?, Background, Proposed Changes

Readers can follow EW website to know more.

Community Appreciation

Our blogs and videos have received positive feedback from the Ethereum community.

Latest Client Releases

We have updated the Ethereum community about all the latest client releases with the key highlights through EW Instagram.

  1. Teku 22.12.0
  2. Erigon 2.32.0
  3. Nimbus 22.12.0
  4. Besu 23.1.0-beta
  5. Prysm 3.2.0
  6. Lodestar 1.3.0
  7. Lighthouse 3.3.0
  8. Nethermind 1.15.0
  9. Geth 1.10.26

We will also thank all our contributors: Yash Kamal Chaturvedi, Vishal Thyagrajan, Priyam Keshwa, Anjali Mishra, Divyanshu Gupta, Tanu Bhardwaj and Dhanush Naik.


Disclaimer: The information contained on this web page is for education purposes only. Readers are suggested to conduct their own research, review, analyze and verify the content before relying on them.

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