EtherWorld Weekly: November 14, 2022

An Overview of Web3Auth's MPC SDK, An Overview of Beacon Chain API, Censorship Resistance Vs Scalability, How James Zhong stole $3.36 billion in Bitcoin?, Ethereum Bulletins

EtherWorld Weekly: November 14, 2022


Tech Articles

An Overview of Web3Auth's MPC SDK

Web3Auth is a pluggable auth infrastructure for Web3 wallets and applications. It streamlines the onboarding of both mainstream and crypto native users in under a minute by providing experiences that they're most comfortable with.

An Overview of Beacon Chain API

Ethereum consists of two parts. One is the Execution Layer secured by PoW consensus, and another is Consensus Layer or Beacon Chain, which is secured by PoS consensus. The Beacon Chain has been running since December 2020. The Beacon Chain introduced the consensus logic and block gossip protocol which now secures Ethereum.

Shandong: Pre-Shanghai Testnet

Shandong Testnet is a Pre-Shanghai Testnet. This experimental testnet will run in cooperation between EF JavaScript Team and EF DevOps Team. A set of selected Shanghai-considered EIPs is selected for early client testing on this Testnet. Gajinder Singh from EF JavaScript Team and Paritosh Jayanthi from EF Devops Team are the core developers behind Shandong Testnet.

Ethereum Post-Merge Hardfork for Execution Layer

After deploying The Merge upgrade, Ethereum blockchain hot swapped it's consensus mechanism from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. While the client development team is engaged working on the next planned upgrade - Shanghai, the blockchain may require a minor yet important upgrade on EL clients (former PoW clients).

Ethereum News

Censorship Resistance Vs Scalability

According to Micah Zoltu, We are already seeing active censorship throughout the stack on Ethereum (MEV relays, RPC providers, App Frontends, etc.). Developers should be focusing all of their efforts on addressing these problems and actively pushing back against changes that will make the problem worse. This would mean that devoting more resources to Verkle Trees, Statelessness, Portal Network, EIP-4444, CR Lists, internal refactoring, etc. and less time on proposals like EIP-4844 which focus on scaling at the cost of operational costs.

How James Zhong stole $3.36 billion in Bitcoin?

The US Department of Justice on Monday has seized about $3.36 billion worth Bitcoin from a man who unlawfully obtained 50,000 Bitcoin from online dark marketplace Silk Road a decade ago. The department announced on 7th November that James Zhong is found guilty of committing wire fraud, a kind of federal crime that involve defrauding an individual or a party using electronic communication channels.

Ethereum Bulletin #93

EIP #88: Grandine, A Consensus Layer Client with Saulius Grigaitis, Ethereum successfully interop-ed local lodestar_eth, Helios, a fast, portable, and secure Ethereum light client, ethStaker will be meeting with stakewise_io to learn about Stakewise v3, Vitalik Updated the roadmap diagram

Ethereum Bulletin #94

The StarkNet Foundation is now officially launched, Lodestar version 1.2.0 is out, ultra sound money shares growth of ETH supply, EIP-4844 is shaping up to be the next major upgrade to Ethereum, BlockFi says it can no longer operate its business as usual!

World News

How Polygon is helping Blockchain Movement in India?

Uttar Pradesh Police has launched India's first police complaint portal on Polygon. The Polygon Supernet for UP Police is managed by Airchains, a middleware SaaS which enables users to run their blockchain network with customizable features.

It provides a toolset to "build, deploy, and grow DApps", and the tools it gives cover a large portion of the services developers would typically have to build themselves. This includes analytics, databases, smart contracts, and IPFS/ Filecoin. The services are hosted in the cloud and scale with little to no effort on the developer's part.

Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Makes Another Donation to Dogecoin Foundation

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has donated 20 million Dogecoin (DOGE) to the Dogecoin Community. It is yet to be announced how the donation will be used by the non-profit organization. This is not the first contribution made by Buterin. The foundation received 500 Ethereum (ETH) from the Canadian programmer. Last August, Buterin joined the foundation’s advisory board together with Neuralink CEO Jared Birchall. The non-profit organization, which was originally established in 2014, was relaunched last year after the meme cryptocurrency experienced a massive uptick in popularity.

Ethereum Co-founder Comes Back with New Project to Democratize Crypto

Ethereum co-founder Anthony Di Iorio has come up with a new project called Andiami that could potentially democratize the cryptocurrency industry. A gadget, which is called Cube, is at the core of the project. It is supposed to make it easier for crypto users to run a node on various blockchains. It is supposed to function as a decentralized server that can store up to 12 terabytes. Running a node requires plenty of technical expertise, which doesn’t bode well for decentralization. The cryptocurrency industry often gets criticized for having too much control over the industry.

Project Update

Helios: light client implemented in Rust

Enter Helios, a Rust-based Ethereum light client we developed that provides fully trustless access to Ethereum. Helios — which uses Ethereum’s light client protocol, made possible by the recent switch to proof of stake — converts data from an untrusted centralized RPC provider into a verifiably safe, local RPC. Helios works together with centralized RPCs to make it possible to verify their authenticity without running a full node.

Efficient BLS multi-signature verification on EVM

BLS signatures are attractive in their homomorphic properties. In multisignatures, multiple signers are able to collaborate non-interactively to produce a small signature attesting to the approval of multiple signers on the same message. Similarly, in aggregate signatures the same is achieved, on different messages, with higher verification cost.

StarkWare introduces the StarkWare Foundation

The StarkNet Foundation is now officially launched and dedicated to empowering the community. By forming the StarkNetFndn, StarkNet has taken an important step towards its future community governance.

Ethereum Layer 2 transactions surpass L1 transactions

Finally, Ethereum Layer 2 transactions surpass L1 transactions. We believe the builders of L2 are glad to see the growth. In addition, http://Orbiter.Finance will continue to work on the infrastructure.

Tech Update

Execution layer clients:

Consensus layer clients:



EIP-5606: Multiverse NFTs

It defines a minimal interface to create a multiverse NFT standard for digital assets such as wearables and in-game items that, in turn, index the delegate NFTs on each platform where this asset exists. These platforms could be metaverses, play-to-earn games or NFT marketplaces. This proposal depends on and extends EIP-721 and EIP-1155. The standard also allows for the ‘bundling’ and ‘unbundling’ of these delegate NFTs within the multiverse NFT so holders can trade them individually or as a bundle.

PEEPanEIP #89: EIP-5192: Minimal Soulbound NFTs with Tim Daubenschütz

EIP-5192 is an extension of EIP-721. It proposes a minimal interface to make tokens soulbound using the feature detection functionality of EIP-165. A soulbound token is a non-fungible token bound to a single account.

MetaMask Releases Bridge Aggregator

Binance backs out of a deal to acquire, the SEC and CFTC launch a probe into FTX, MetaMask releases a bridge aggregator, and DeFi Saver introduces automated stop loss for Aave positions.


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