Highlights of Ethereum's Consensus Layer Call #95

Mainnet Shadow Fork 13 Tomorrow, Kiln Testnet Deprecated Tomorrow, Final Merge Community Call #7 Tomorrow, Update on Optimistic Sync Tests, Wen Merge, Nimbus High Priority Release Tomorrow, Checkpoint Sync API, CL/ACD calls likely on a Break

Highlights of Ethereum's Consensus Layer Call #95


dannyryan started this call. Here is the quick glance at the agenda of this call:

  1. Merge Related Updates
  2. Optimistic Sync Tests
  3. Checkpoint Sync API

Mainnet Shadow Fork 13 Tomorrow

According to Parithosh, MSF 12 was completed without any bugs, and he used all the versions recommended in the official Mainnet Merge Announcement. But some client teams have new updates after that. So MSF 13 will be using the latest releases and will be done tomorrow. MSF 13 will be the latest Shadow Fork!

dannyryan also said that Shadow forks could be a weekly part of the build process with new client releases and can be used for better testing. We have covered all insights & bugs in all shadow forks in this article: Ethereum Mainnet Shadow Forking: An Overview.

Shadow Forking infographics

Kiln Testnet Deprecated Tomorrow

So, developers have previously told that they will deprecate Kiln Testnet after the Bellatrix upgrade. So as we know that Bellatrix is completed now. So, Kiln Testnet will most likely be deprecated tomorrow. This information was shared by Parithosh.

Final Merge Community Call #7 Tomorrow

Timing: Friday, September 9 at 14:00 UTC
Zoom Link: https://ethereumfoundation.zoom.us/j/88654262834?pwd=K1VtcElFU0hKL2szQXF4RmF4VVA4Zz09

Here are some key points which developers will discuss:

  • Bellatrix Updates
  • TTD estimation at bordel.wtf
  • Post-Merge Testnets
  • Block Times go from ~13s to exactly 12s.
  • Setting Fee Recipient
  • Client Diversity

Users, Node Operators, Community Members, and Client Teams can also ask Merge Related questions in this call.

Update on Optimistic Sync Tests

Hsiao-Wei Wang and Mikhail Kalinin are working on Optimistic Sync Tests. It is an Extension of the Fork Choice Test. It is extended by adding new payload info, which provides the payload status, i.e., the status that EL clients return once receiving the payload. Here is a complete description regarding Optimistic Sync Tests Proposal created by Mikhail Kalinin. According to initial feedback from client teams, they discovered that there is a valid flag on every block that occurred on this test format. Readers can read more about this valid flag in this PR. Mikhail Kalinin also added that all CL clients should be involved in this test format. These tests are optional.

Wen Merge

In the last Ethereum's All Core Devs Meeting #146, Mario Havel explained the HashRate Difference between bordel.wtf & wenmerge. dannyryan explained that there is a lot of misinformation around the merge date. He further added that many people are confused on wenmerge website about their difficulty bomb countdown, and if we go down, we can find the TTD event. So there is no need to get misinformed.

Nimbus High Priority Release Tomorrow

Mamy Ratsimbazafy added that there would be a new Nimbus Client Release with all the major bug fixes.

Checkpoint Sync API

Mikhail Kalinin has created a PR for Checkpoint Sync API. Readers can follow the complete discussion regarding this API in this PR.

Jacek Sieka also discussed about ERA - archival files for block and consensus data.

lightclients also discussed about various PRs for improving the connectivity between the EL & CL.

CL/ACD calls likely on a Break

Tim Beiko proposed the idea of canceling some CL/ACD calls after The Merge for a bit of breathing space and potentially having discussions related to Shanghai EIPs async over those weeks. As a result of this discussion in the CL call, he will be putting together a proposal for Shanghai EIPs in 3-4 weeks off. He will provide more updates on this in the next ACD call.

Readers can watch Ethereum's Consensus Layer Call #95 here:

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