Ethereum Bulletin #70

Nethermind's 24h Merge Watch Party, SSPC: Stupid Simple Payment Channels. Nethermind Release v1.14.1, Final Merge Community Call #7, Ethereum Core Devs Meeting #147 on September 15

Ethereum Bulletin #70


Nethermind's 24h Merge Watch Party

Nethermind will be hosting a 24h Merge Watch Part where developers and analysts worldwide will offer their perspectives on latest Merge data, community reactions, and share personal reflections on this historic moment. They will share more details soon.

SSPC: Stupid Simple Payment Channels

SSPC: Stupid Simple Payment Channels, i.e., a Payment Channel library that aims to be as easy to include in existing implementations as possible. This library is created by MariusVanDerWijden. The project currently supplies a golang API that can be used by the golang application to start using Payment Channels. The API is designed to be as simple as possible. The folder cmd/gopay contains a small sample project that should show the usage of the golang API. It showcases a full node implementation that can be used between two peers to send funds between each other.

Nethermind Release v1.14.1

Final Merge Community Call #7

Zoom Link:

Here are some key points which developer will discuss:

  • Bellatrix Updates
  • TTD estimation at
  • Post-Merge Testnets
  • Block Times go from ~13s to exactly 12s.
  • Setting Fee Recipient
  • Client Diversity

Ethereum Core Devs Meeting #147 on September 15

Here are some key points our readers should remember about this call:

Here is the link to the Highlights of the last All Core Dev meeting #146.

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