Ethereum Bulletin #63

Merge Data Challenge live, Aztec crosses 20,000$ETH, Myria L2 live, Compund 3 launches on Ethereum, Arbitrum Nitro node new version released

Ethereum Bulletin #63


Merge Data Challenge is live!

Getting ready for the imminent Merge, the Merge Data Challenge is now live! In terms of complexity, the Merge is the most complex upgrade to Ethereum to date, and potentially to any other public blockchain network in history. Researchers, developers, and community members must collect tons of data, visualize data, writing tools, and explain the interworkings of the post-Merge network for better understanding.

Aztec crosses 20,000$ETH deposit

The Aztec connection has crossed 20,000 $ETH since its launch last month. There are currently more than 250,000 transactions and 1500 roll-ups in production.

Myria L2 is now LIVE

Myria's Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) scaling solution is here, along with their Wallet, Marketplace, and SDK Toolkit. Developers and studios have new and exciting opportunities to create; while gamers and traders have access to carbon-neutral, lightning-fast transactions with no gas fees.

Among the features of Myria L2 that enable you to immediately enjoy its scalability benefits are:

  • Wallet for Myria
  • A NFT Marketplace, as well as
  • Developer SDK Toolkit

Compound III launches on Ethereum

Compound III was launched on Ethereum today. Here are all the changes that are done.

Arbitrum Nitro node version v2.0.0 released!

The nitro node that will support the post-upgrade Arbitrum One chain is scheduled for Wednesday, August 31st. A chain consensus upgrade on Arbitrum Goerli and Rinkeby testnets, which will be activated on Thursday, Sep 1st, will also require this node version. Please upgrade before the respective timelines or your node software will refuse to continue syncing the chain.

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