Ethereum Bulletin #34

Sepolia has successfully merged, EFDevconnect 2022 resources, AMA organised by EF on July 7 ethOS1.0 launched, Exchange volumes in India dropped by almost 50% after the implementation of a 1% tax, Nexo offers to buy Vauld, Austrian Post launched a new product category called Crypto stamp art (CSA)

Ethereum Bulletin #34


Sepolia has successfully merged

On 6th July Sepolia testnet got merged at TTD of 17000000000000000 which was achieved at block 1450408, last PoW block, timestamp Jul-06-2022 01:58:01 UTC. There were some minor issues which got resolved quickly and the merge was finalized.

EFDevconnect 2022 resources

These presentations will be an excellent resource if you want to learn more about the fundamental Ethereum Protocols because they cover subjects like danksharding, PBS, statelessness, and many more. The Ethereum Foundation hosted a two-day layer 1 R&D session for Devconnect 2022 Amsterdam 1 to go through the most crucial layer 1 subjects. The repository for the slides and videos is here.

AMA organised by EF on July 7

On July 7th, starting at 1300 UTC for 24 hours, the eighth round of the Ethereum Foundation AMA series will take place on Reddit. Head over to Reddit to get all of your questions answered because the Sepolia testnet was merged today, and the Goerli testnet will soon follow soon which mean that the mainnet merge is very close so you might have some questions popping up in your head. In the comments, you can post any queries you may have about the Ethereum ecosystem.

ethOS first build launched

An operating system designed natively for crypto is called ethOS. It was introduced by an organization called Ethereum Phone, who contend that a centralised operating system is incompatible with a decentralised web. Users of the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 5a will get direct access to the cryptocurrency apps after installing the ethOS 1.0 operating system. It has an embedded Ethereum lite node and over-the-air updates. The development team intends to include functions like decentralised communications and a native software that can mint NFTs directly from the camera.

Exchange volumes in India dropped by almost 50% after the implementation of a 1% tax

On July 1, the Indian government passed a law imposing a 1% tax on all cryptocurrency transactions totaling more than 10,000 INR. Since the tax's adoption, trading volume on Indian exchanges has decreased by at least 50%. Additionally, India taxes all cryptocurrency-related revenue at a rate of 30%. A number of businesses have begun to relocate to crypto-friendlier countries like Singapore and Dubai. WazirX, which is supported by Binance, saw a daily trading volume of $14.23 million on June 30, but that figure dropped to just $5.32 million on July 1. Nomics data shows that on July 3, it reached a low of $2.73 million. On July 1, CoinDCX's volume decreased by 61% to $2.59 million, while ZebPay's volume decreased by 56% over the same time frame.

Nexo offers to buy embattled rival Vauld as the market consolidates

With Vauld, Nexo has agreed into a term sheet that grants Vauld 60 days of exclusive negotiations to investigate an all-equity acquisition of the business. Nexo stated that, if successful, it intends to restructure the business and pursue an expansion in Southeast Asia and India. Vauld halted operations on Monday and announced the firm was looking into restructuring options because of "financial issues."

Austrian Post has launched a new product category called Crypto stamp art (CSA)

Customers can start digital stamp collections with Austrian Post. The "digital twin" of a normal Crypto stamp is obtained by first purchasing the actual stamp; however, Crypto stamp art concentrates on digital collecting. On July 1st, 2022, the corresponding special stamp block was released. Digital collection boxes will be introduced on July 22. A total of 2,500 CSA Mystery Boxes, which function much like a digital sticker set, will be made available for purchase. Four Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), whose colour values are distributed with various frequencies, are contained in this entirely digital box. The CSA Mystery Boxes with four NFTs each will be available exclusively on from 22 July , the price per box is 500 euros.

Austrian Post enables customers to begin digital stamp collections | Post & Parcel (

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