Ethereum Bulletin #33

ETH offramp available now, ZigZag InvisibL3, A Traditional Bank Is Being Brought to Maker's Ecosystem, HTC launched the metaverse phone, Mainnet-shadow-fork-8 was successful, HackFS by ETHGlobal, Beta Version Wallet Analyzooor

Ethereum Bulletin #33


ETH offramp available now

Any developer developing a platform using ImmutableX can now use the ETH offramp. Developers may provide their consumers the option of selling L2 ETH and having the money deposited directly to their bank accounts.

In Q3 2022, they'll implement this offramp feature in action. Only users from the US, UK, and Europe are currently able to use this feature.

ZigZag InvisibL3

ZigZag exchange has introduced InvisibL3 on Monday. ZigZag InvisibL3 is an order-book exchange that natively integrates privacy while maintaining atomic swaps, enabling users to preserve their anonymity on-chain and take full advantage of ZK Rollups' full scalability.

A Layer 3 ZK Rollup for private transactions on StarkNet has been developed by ZigZagLabs as a possible ZigZag Exchange add-on. Users will be able to hide the origin of their funds while transferring them to another wallet due to the hidden orders, which will stop the tracing of makers, takers, and amounts. InvisibL3 will become an alternative to the existing privacy solutions on Ethereum.

A Traditional Bank Is Being Brought to Maker's Ecosystem

In its first proposal, the MakerDAO community wants to integrate a traditional bank into its ecosystem. A proposal to include Huntingdon Valley Bank's 100 million DAI debt ceiling participation facility as a vault is up for consideration among the MakerDAO community.

There are presently no votes against the idea, which has 78 percent in support of adding the bank's syndicated loan as a vault type. There are still two days for voting. Additionally, MakerDAO has decided to invest $500 million in DAI into corporate and U.S. Treasury bonds.

HTC launched the metaverse phone

HTC has launched a metaverse phone "HTC Desire 22 pro", on Tuesday, in collaboration with Polygon and Ethereum. As part of the company's Web3 expansion, this phone will have a digital wallet and a VR headset pairing functionality.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 processor will power the 6.6-inch Full HD 120 Hz display on this phone. This 5G phone will be loaded with Android 12 and include 8GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM. The availability of this phone in additional locations has not been confirmed; Currently, it will be distributed in Taiwan, Japan, the UK, and Europe.

Mainnet-shadow-fork-8 was successful

Nethermind has tweeted about and informed that Mainnet-Shadow-Fork-8 was successful and wholesome block production is seen on Nethermind nodes and other client teams.

Stats Link:

HackFS by ETHGlobal

ETHGlobal is organizing a HackFS event in collaboration with Protocol Labs, from 8th July to 29th July. The last few hours are left for registration, anyone who is interested can apply from here.

Beta Version Wallet Analyzooor

A Beta version of Wallet Analyzooor has been released by notawizard.eth and also shared a quick demo of it. It can already be used to check any Ethereum address's history balances, transactions, and transfers.

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