Ethereum Bulletin #32

Sepolia testnet is going to merge tomorrow, Mainnet-shadow-fork-8 on July 5, Vitalik’s approaches to cap validator set size argues , Optimism is Migrating From Kovan to Goerli ,FTX signs deal that could buy BlockFi for $240 million, Eth2 staking deposits dashboard

Ethereum Bulletin #32


Sepolia testnet is going to merge tomorrow

Sepolia is scheduled to merge on or around July 6. Watch for the projected time because it is very dependent on how much hash rate is seen on the network. The Merge point is ambiguous because someone has been intermittently attaching quite a bit. It might occur considerably sooner than anticipated.

Current hashrate: 9.99 GH/s

To achieve TTD 17000000000000000 at Wed Jul 6 14:00:00 2022 UTC, around 14.33 GH/s in the network is needed as of now.

Mainnet-shadow-fork-8 on July 5

TTD which is 53290823313153069154304 is planned to reach by July 5th. Testing mix of forest/bonsai nodes for HyperledgerBesu and using static peers for Erigon.

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Vitalik's approaches to cap validator set size argues in favor of a variable minimum balance

The present Ethereum beacon chain protocol has a flaw in that there is a lot of ambiguity about how much computing a node will need to manage in the future. The computational load of the beacon chain scales linearly with the number of active validators, and the processing times for attestation, epoch transitions, and memory requirements are all proportional to that number.

Thus, Vitalik has suggested a few evaluation methods in his blog post in an effort to address this issue and develop a solution that both meets the requirements of a validator and the community.

Optimism is Migrating From Kovan to Goerli Testnet

Only two validators are still active on the Kovan testnet, which has been deprecated by the Ethereum community. The Optimism team has begun the process of moving their testnet from Kovan to Goerliin order to prevent interruptions on a network that is no longer being actively maintained.

The first wave of the multi-wave migration to Goerli is now happening. They advise oracles, nodes, infrastructure providers, wallets, and developer tools to begin migrating right now because they will shortly be discontinuing their Kovan testnet. These infrastructure initiatives will build the groundwork necessary for the rest of the ecosystem to migrate on top of them by beginning their migration immediately.

FTX signs deal that could buy BlockFi for up to $240 million

FTX originally committed to a contract worth roughly $25 million, which was far less than the $4.8 billion valuation BlockFi was at sometime earlier. As a result, the numbers have significantly shifted now that BlockFi has accepted an option to be acquired by FTX for up to $240 million. Performance-based compensation will be included in the acquisition price. BlockFi's loan to Three Arrows Capital resulted in a loss of about $80 million. Additionally, despite having no exposure to them, it noticed a rise in withdrawals as a result of Celsius limiting withdrawals on its platform.

Eth2 staking deposits dashboard

Hilldobby has updated and shared his Eth2 staking dashboard

It now includes:

Top Depositors

  • eposited Amount
  • Liquid Staking Marketshare
  • Entity Breakdown
  • Category Breakdown
  • Staking "Marketshare"

& more!

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