Ethereum Bulletin #22

Gray Glacier Expected June 29th, Upgrade Clients Now!, EF Seeking Proposals for Staking Operator Documentation. Nethermind's Warp 2.0, SBC live now!, ETH Infra funded by $500K, Add Support for PPA installation, PEEPanEIP#74 on EIP-4400 by Ethereum Cat Herders

Ethereum Bulletin #22


Gray Glacier Expected on June 29th, Upgrade Clients Now!

Ethereum EL Gray Glacier Upgrade (hard fork) is expected to happen on June 29th. Beacon Chain Stakers should upgrade their EL client soon. Here is quick docs for someone who has no idea on Ethereum Gray Glacier Upgrade by EW Team.

EF Seeking Proposals for Staking Operator Documentation

The Ethereum Foundation (EF) is seeking proposals from technical experts to create better documentation for staking operators. Technical documentation is needed to help up-skill existing operators from hobbyists, and smaller staking operators to a professional level.

This documentation should focus on high-level guidance rather than step-by-step instructions to ensure that operators continue to function with a diversity of setup. The aim of this documentation is to increase the number of professional staking operators available to the Ethereum community to complement and expand various staking protocols.

Submissions expected by July 8th.

Nethermind's Warp 2.0 is finally here!

Warp brings Solidity to StarkNet, making it possible to transpile Ethereum smart contracts to StarkNet Cairo Contracts. Warp 2.0 allows for transpilation directly from Solidity to Cairo.

  • Warp 1: Solidity -> yul -> Cairo
  • Warp 2: Solidity -> Cairo

As a result, Code readability and Contract efficiency are improved.

Sepolia Beacon Chain is now Live!

Here is quick docs for someone who has no idea about Sepolia Testnet Merge by EW Team.

ETH Infra Matching Pool funded by $500K

𝚂𝚌𝚘𝚝𝚝 𝙼𝚘𝚘𝚛𝚎, Ben West, TimBeiko, trent.eth, and other people form Ethereum community worked to curate the 24 grants live now in the "ETH Infra" matching pool. Coinbase, Yearn and Polygon have funded around $500K to this pool.

Add Support for Personal Package Archive installation

superphiz.eth has asked all five Consensus clients to implement PPA installation to enable simple installation like sudo apt install teku.

This is because current available installation methods require downloading and installing packages from github or docker, but these installation methods require significant effort on behalf of the user. Ethereum maintains a PPA and geth is currently most-easily installed using this method.

If other clients adopt the PPA installation method it will significantly reduce the effort required to install a Consensus client and enable people with limited technical ability to quickly and easily upgrade their consensus client using standard apt repositories.

Here are 5 Github issues created by superphiz.eth:

PEEPanEIP#74 on EIP-4400 by Ethereum Cat Herders

Recording on the EIP-4400, i.e., ERC-721 Interface extension for consumer role with danielivanov.eth is available now.

Read more

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