Ethereum Bulletin #17

Updates on Ethereum Foundation, Coinbase is reducing workforce , BlockFi explains its relation with Celsius, Modular Ethereum stack. Superfluid announced prototype for the world’s 1st cross-chain asset streaming

Ethereum Bulletin #17

Changes on Ethereum Foundation after deploying v4.2.0

On the official website of the Ethereum Foundation, there have been a few updates:

  • There is a new page on use cases.
  • An explanation of the yellow paper.
  • is switching to the typescript version, among other things.

The tweet below contains links to each of these pages.

Coinbase is reducing workforce by 18%

As the cryptocurrency market is currently declining significantly (also known as a bear market), large organisations are reducing their workforces, which is often what happens in a down market. Thus, Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, said today that the company has written an email to all of its employees alerting them that they will be shrinking by 18%. You may view a copy of the mail that has been made public below.

BlockFi explains its relation with Celsius

As we all know, a lot has occurred since the great regression in the cryptocurrency markets began, and Celsius yesterday announced that they are halting all transactions (refer to Ethereum Bulletin #16). BlockFi, one of its rivals, also experienced some backlash, so they released a thread reassuring people that they never had any connections with Celsius before and that they do not hold any stETH principally or as collateral.

Additionally, they have stated their desire to submit or file a draught registration statement on Form S-1 with the SEC in connection with the offering of BlockFi Yield.

The modular Ethereum stack

Oisin Kyne from Obol Network created a thread explaining the function of modular Ethereum stacking, in which you can have multiple execution, consensus, and validator clients all working together to ensure your validators are resilient to bugs, attacks, and outages. This will happen after the Ethereum PoW consensus protocol gets upgraded to PoS protocol after the merge.

Superfluid has announced prototype for the world's first cross-chain asset streaming bridge

Superfluid along with ConnextNetwork andNomadxyz_have announced that they have built a working prototype for the world's first cross-chain asset streaming bridge. This will help users move their assets across the chains easily which will include paying, receiving and moving assets from one chain to another. However, it is currently deployed on the test network for obvious reasons.

Grants Round 14 is officially live and we're participating

Individuals can apply for financing for a public goods project they are working on through Gitcoin Grants. Quadratic Funds (QF) are used by Gitcoin Grants to distribute extra funding from a matching pool to the most influential projects based on the number of contributors.

We are happy to share that the EtherWorld team is also participating in the GR14 and you may support us by donating as low as 1 DAI [here]

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