Ethereum Bulletin #16

Use cases of blockchain for non-financial purposes, Celsius has halted all transaction related activities, MEV should be as low as possible, Which client node is best to run after the merge, Sushi is Rolled Up To Optimism, Grants Round 14 is officially live and we’re participating

Ethereum Bulletin #16

Use cases of blockchain for non-financial purposes

With the help of Puja Ohlhaver and Shrey Jain, Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, came up with a piece, detailing the non financial applications of the blockchain. The article touches upon various topics such as Modifying and revoking attestations, Negative reputation, Is negative reputation a good idea? etc .

Celsius has halted all transaction related activities

Due to the current market conditions, Celsius has decided to halt all withdrawals, swaps, and account transfers. They're taking this step now to put Celsius in a better position to meet its withdrawal obligations over time. They are taking this necessary step for the sake of the whole community, in order to stabilise liquidity and operations while preserving and protecting assets. Furthermore, as the company is committed to its consumers, customers will continue to earn rewards throughout the break.

MEV should be as low as possible

In addition to the block reward and transaction fees that miners and validators normally receive, the Maximum Extractable Value (also known as Miner Extractable Value) refers to the value that a miner or validator can earn by reordering transactions inside the blocks they produce.

This article provides a thorough examination of the situation.

The emergence of Ethereum-based DeFi protocols shows what the DeFi ecosystem breakthrough could mean in the future. MEV is becoming a hot issue among developers and miners as DeFi gains traction in the blockchain industry. Miners typically use MEV to increase the amount of money they earn on a block by rearranging transactions in each block in a way that benefits them.

Which client node is best to run after the merge

On the Ethereum Cat Herders page, a series called #KnowYourClients is now running, and in the upcoming episode, Zahary will discuss about the Nimbus client after the merge which is going to happen on June 14th at 18:30 UTC.

To acquire the zoom link, join their Discord channel.

Sushi is Rolled Up To Optimism

Read thisarticle to learn more about the roll up.

Grants Round 14 is officially live and we're participating

Individuals can apply for financing for a public goods project they are working on through Gitcoin Grants. Quadratic Funds (QF) are used by Gitcoin Grants to distribute extra funding from a matching pool to the most influential projects based on the number of contributors.

We are happy to share that the EtherWorld team is also participating in the GR14 and you may support us by donating as low as 1 DAI [here]

Read more

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