EtherWorld Weekly: June 13, 2022

Ropsten Merged, BNB Chain Technical Roadmap, ImmutableX Fees, Coinbase Hiring, Gemini Sued, US Crypto Bill, Gitcoin Funding, Samsung Support NFTs, Decentralized Society, Merge Community Call, Soulbound: On or off Chain?

EtherWorld Weekly: June 13, 2022

Tech News

Ropsten Merged
The Ropsten testnet successfully merged its proof-of-work execution layer with the Beacon Chain proof-of-stake consensus chain.

PayPal enabled transfer to external wallet and exchanges
Recently, Paypal has announced that from now users and merchants can send or receive crypto from native exchanges and external wallets.

Vechain has announced a $100 million sponsorship deal with the UFC.
UFC, the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization, and VeChain, the leading global sustainability-focused blockchain Foundation, announced a first-of-its-kind long-term partnership that breaks marketing ground for both brands.

Ropsten Merge and TTD Announcement

  • The Beacon Chain is live.
  • Ropsten Merge is prepared to turn off the use of the Proof-of-Work mechanism.
  • TTD has been selected for Ropsten Merge.
  • Stakes/Nodes operators need to set the client's TTD value manually as mentioned in the client release.

BNB Chain Technical Roadmap released after year long
BNB has announced the launch of the technical roadmap to enhance the decentralized structure of the network and the potential of dApps to improve efficiency and performance.

ImmutableX is changing fees
ImmutableX is changing their fees to 2% to be sustainable.

World News

Coinbase update on hiring
Coinbased earlier frozed hiring for 2 weeks and coinbase has extended the freeze after looking at the crypto market conditions.

Crypto Exchange Gemini Sued
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) sued Gemini Trust Company LLC on allegations the crypto exchange’s staff misled the federal regulator during Gemini’s 2017 effort to launch trading of what would have been a landmark bitcoin (BTC) futures contract.

U.S. Inflation accelerates; Crypto Bill introduced by Senators
The U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics has released a CPI summary today and CPI has been increased by 8.6%. Recently, U.S. Senators introduced the long-awaited bipartisan framework of U.S. Federal oversight of cryptocurrency regulation.

Samsung launches discord server to support NFTs and Web3
Samsung launched a discord server to promote and support Web3 and NFT activities.

Binance US Launches new Staking Product
Binance unveiled its new staking platform, Binance.US Staking, with an auto-restake feature.

Gitcoin with $3Million+ in matching funds (GR14)
The Gitcoin grant is one of the biggest grants of the Ethereum network. Gitcoin has announced Grant Round 14 with over $3 Million+ in matching funds of which $1 Million in Main Round matching funds, the Gitcoin Grant Round 14 is live now and it is up till 29th June.

Ethereum Bulletin

Are you someone who ...?

  • Feels FOMO while others talk about Ethereum Blockchain and its upcoming upgrades?
  • Feels like you don't know the exact terminologies and their meanings?
  • Is looking for a legit source for updates on Ethereum Blockchain?

Ethereum Bulletin is an initiative by EtherWorld's team to curate and shares the latest news on Ethereum Blockchain and related topics. Be it about the upcoming Merge, testnets, any new plans, and challenges everything that happens within or for the chain will be covered.

Ethereum Bulletin 11
OpenSea burnt $1B ETH, What's new in Eth 2, Ropsten is ready for The Merge experiment, Bound Historical Data in Execution Clients, Illuvium’s Land Sale ended with a bang.

Ethereum Bulletin 12
Lummis and Gillibrand released a bill regulating digital assets in the US, Devcon VI - Applications open, Lightclients on ‘at home’ block producers, Ethereum Builder API Specs, Mental models for Layer 1 and Layer 2 systems, Blockchain adoption in the next five years.

Ethereum Bulletin 13
Ropsten testnet has been Merged, The Merge is a substantial change in supply/demand forces, PayPal supports the native transfer of cryptocurrencies, Diversify is going beyond Ethereum, Litocoen – how to add sites to Metamask Phishing Detection, Layer 2 analytics after the Optimism token launch.

Ethereum Bulletin 14
Summary of the Ropsten Merge, 20 million OP tokens stolen, Energy consumption statistics of blockchains, Legal wrappers for DAOs, Overview of token distribution over the years, Grants Round 14 is officially live.

Ethereum Bulletin 15
Ethereum difficulty bomb will be pushed, Lido will give veto power to the stETH holders, Aztec connect was not shipped today, Analysis of Ethereum 2, consensus clients., HOP tokens are available to claim, Starknet gaming ecosystem.


Decentralized Society - DeSoc
In this episode of Green Pill, they have discussed on Decentralized Society and how to solve human coordination by the mutual optimization of pluralism and local control.

Guide on Ethereum Roadmap
Jon Charbonneau has discussed the working and roadmap of the Ethereum network.

Merge Community Call
In this call they have discussed on Ropsten Merge and TTD announcement, they also discussed post-merge testnets.

Reinventing the Internet
In this video they talked about Web1 builders and Web2 disrupters, also they have discussed on Web3 development and core infrastructure.

Soulbound: On or off Chain?
An intellectual debate is emerging in the world of decentralized identity. Vitalik represents Soulbound NFTs, while Disco’s Evin McMullen takes the side of VCs.

Ethereum Cat Herders Podcast
This is a Podcost series where they have talked about Ethereum Upgrades and it also include in depth interviews with the people building our ecosystem and beyond.


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