Ethereum Bulletin #15

Ethereum difficulty bomb will be pushed, Lido will give veto power to the stETH holders, Aztec connect was not shipped today, Analysis of Ethereum 2, consensus clients., HOP tokens are available to claim, Starknet gaming ecosystem

Ethereum Bulletin #15


Ethereum difficulty bomb will be pushed

A difficulty bomb is a component of Ethereum's shift from the Proof of Work consensus protocol to the Proof of Stake consensus protocol. The difficulty bomb will increase the difficulty of mining exponentially, resulting in a block time rise from the current 15 seconds. As a result, mining revenues will be affected, and the decentralisation of the Proof-of-Work Ethereum chain will be reduced - this is done on purpose on the network to push clients to upgrade their nodes to the latest version.

It was discussed in today's meeting of the Ethereum core developers that they are pushing the difficulty bomb, but that this will most likely not effect the date of the Ethereum mainnet merging.

Lido will give veto power to the stETH holders

Each stETH is backed by Ether staked on the beacon chain in a 1:1 ratio. Lido has the most governance power in the ecosystem, which should not happen because it undermines decentralisation by giving only one party more say. In a blog article, Lido Finance discusses the existing governance scope, the dangers connected with it, and how these risks might be reduced by lowering the governance scope (by ossification) and aligning incentives between the DAO and stakeholders (via dual governance structure).

Aztec connect was not shipped today

Aztec, the programmable privacy layer for web 3, was going to release the aztec connect today, however because aztec roll ups are large, their proofs are over 300 kilobytes, exceeding the 128 kb transaction limit on Go Ethereum. As a result, they planned to send their transactions through Open Ethereum, which has a greater transaction size limit. They even tested on the test networks; read this thread to find out what went wrong.

Analysis of Ethereum 2, consensus clients

Miga Labs, a firm based at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and specialising in next-generation Blockchain technology, has published a full review of Ethereum 2 clients. You can read the blog article here to find out which one is ideal for your needs. They cover all of the intricacies that must be learned, such as total performance analysis based on CPU, MEM, and disc consumption, among other things.

HOP tokens are available to claim

HOP tokens, which can be claimed now, are a system for moving tokens across rollups and its shared layer-1 network in a rapid and trustless manner. There are 54.8 million tokens up for grabs. Before claiming you'll have to choose a delegate that will represent you in governance.

Choose wisely as they will decide Hop's future: which pools to incentivize, which tokens & chains to add next and how to distribute grants etc. You can also delegate to yourself of course!

Starknet gaming ecosystem

Following a successful and beneficial work with Immutable, starknet is now launching a number of on-chain games on the platform. If you are interested in games and want to learn more about them then see the thread below.

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