Ethereum Bulletin #1

Ethereum Beacon Chain Client Diversity, Ropsten on Beacon Chain launched, Game Stop released its Ethereum wallet, Lido Finance contributed 2M LDO to Protocol Guild Pilots, Etherscan has released Sepolia Testnet Explorer, Staking CLR round by EthStakers

Ethereum Bulletin #1

Are you someone who ...?

  • feels FOMO while others talk about Ethereum Blockchain and its upcoming upgrades?
  • feels like you don't know the exact terminologies and their meanings?
  • is looking for a legit source for updates on Ethereum Blockchain?

Ethereum Bulletin is an initiative by EtherWorld's team to curate and share the latest news on Ethereum Blockchain and related topics. Be it about the upcoming Merge, testnets, any new plans and challenges everything that happens within or for the chain will be covered.


Prysmatic Labs is back after taking a year-long "don't use Prysm" campaign ~ Vitalik Buterin

Prysmatic labs is the Ethereum core development team working on the upcoming Proof of Stake consensys protocol and sharding .

Bopsten - Ropsten on Beacon Chain launched

Bopsten is a semi-major version release candidate as we move into upgrading the long-standing public testnets for the Merge. To handle the merge (a shift from Proof of Work mechanism to Proof of Stake consensus mechanism after reaching TTD) of the Ropsten chain, Ethereum developers launched a Ropsten Beacon Chain (RBC) aka Bopsten.Ropsten-beacon-chain's initial specs has been merged!

Expect client releases soon. Ropsten Merge transition date is expected to be June 8.

Game Stop released its Ethereum wallet with Loopring's Support

Game stop is established on Ethereum Blockchain which is Layer 1 and it also supports Loopring which is layer 2 , it has now launched its Ethereum wallet which can be used to store, send and use ETH, NFTs and ERC 20 tokens .

Etherscan has released Testnet Explorer for Sepolia

Sepolia Testnet will be running through the Merge and is replacing Rinkeby Testnet. Etherscan has released the sepolia explorer which just like other explorers comes with features like-

  1. Verify contract tool ✅
  2. Read/write contract tab 📄
  3. API endpoints 🎯

Lido Finance contributed 2M LDO to Protocol Guild Pilots

Ethereum Staking CLR round by EthStakers

It's a quadratic funding round with fifteen projects and a matching pool of over 350k DAI. All these projects are aimed at making the experience of using Ethereum less cumbersome and smooth.There have been almost 2000 contributors already so it's high time to support your favorite projects.

There is still 1 Day left so hurry up and get involved.

Anyone can contribute in #TestingTheMerge efforts to help Nethermind and Ethereum

There are a few things you can do -

Learn about Kiln Testnet

Read more about Ethereum in other Bulletins -Ethereum Bulletin

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