EtherWorld's weekly: August 12, 2018

Facebook's Marcus Steps Down From Coinbase Board, Republican congressman discloses he owns cryptocurrency, JPEG Committee is “exploring Blockchain” — to put DRM into JPEG, GMO Cryptocurrency Business Made $2.3 Million Profit in Q2 and more...

EtherWorld's weekly: August 12, 2018

(Blockchain eNewspaper)


World news

  • Facebook's Marcus Steps Down From Coinbase Board

  • Cryptocurrencies: Regulating the new economy, a report by CNBC

  • Republican congressman discloses he owns cryptocurrency. First member of US congress to disclose.

  • The JPEG Committee is “exploring Blockchain” — to put DRM into JPEG

  • Opera Browser Opens Its Built-in Cryptocurrency Wallet to Desktop Users

  • In India, Centre may allow crypto tokens for financial transactions.

  • Japanese IT giant GMO's Cryptocurrency Business Made $2.3 Million Profit in Q2.

  • Swiss banks open for cryptocurrency assets

  • Bitmain Chooses Rockdale, Texas, for Newest Blockchain Data Center

  • Poll for Bitcoin Core supporters by Vitalik Buterin on Twitter

Ethereum News


Good Reads on Blockchain

Print, Video, Podcast & Interviews

  • Interview: Decentralized Crypto Exchanges Can Solve Fake Volumes And Malpractices - Sasha Ivanov, CEO Waves and Vostok.
  • On-Chain Governance meetup by Web3Foundation July 2018
  • Interview with Becca Liebert, ENS team
  • English transcript of Chain View interview – Erik Zhang, NEO founder
  • Ethereum Client Developer Conference (ECDC) Video


New Projects

  • Empleos - Jobs Marketplace powered by Blockchain
  • Etherships – Using state channels to scale Ethereum games. GitHub

Project updates and Press Release

  • MetaMask to stop injecting web3 on November 02, 2018.
  • Introducing the Grid+ Lattice1
  • uPort - A Proposal for User-Managed Data
  • The clarification on KuCoin Office Location
  • Gitcoin - How to BUIDL a Mesh Network of Human Beings
  • Augur - Fees, Fees, and… Fees?
  • Bancor - Trading the First Tomatoes on the Blockchain


Out of the league

Trading & Mining


  • Bitmain - job openings at the new Rockdale, Texas facility.

Hackathon, Events & Developer programs

Ongoing ...
  • March 19, 2018 - Spetmber 30, 2018: Gnosis X by Gnosis - a recurring challenge inviting developers, creators, and businesses to build customized prediction market applications on top of the Gnosis platform.


  • IDMoney Token sale starts July 01, 2018 - August 31, 2018.
  • Save Environment Token Token sale starts September 05, 2018.
  • ORBIS - Onging Token sale till October 29, 2018.
  • MyShield - Token registration has commenced.
  • AligatoCoin - Token sale start from July 29, 2018 - August 30, 2018
  • Ubex - Onging Token sale till August 13, 2018

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