EtherWorld Weekly: 16th July, 2023

Ethereum News, World News, Highlights of ACDC Call 113, Tech Articles, Podcasts, Tech Explainers, ELI5 Explainers, Client Upgrades, Events & Jobs

EtherWorld Weekly: 16th July, 2023

Ethereum News

New Ethereum Proposal to Cap the Growth of Active Validators
Need, Proposal, Churn Limit, Managing Validator Exits & Activations

Ethereum's CL next upgrade: Electra?
Naming Conventions for Upgrades, Proposed Star Names for the Consensus Layer (CL) & Proposed EIPs for the Next Upgrade after Dencun

Arbitrum & Optimism to join Ethereum’s Dencun Testing soon
Beacon API Overview, Need for Versioned Hashes, Practical Implications, Future Developments

Ethereum's Dencun upgrade moving towards Devnet 8
Devnet 8 Specs, Challenges in Devnet 7, Geth-Related Bugs & c-kzg Library

Celo blockchain proposes return to Ethereum ecosystem, transition to L2
According to cLabs, the Celo transition would include leveraging OP Stack as the architecture to become an Ethereum L2 blockchain.

World News

Highlights of Ethereum Devs Call

  • Parithosh Jayanthi, DevOps engineer at the Ethereum Foundation, updated on Deneb testing efforts. He encouraged client teams to check the Dencun issue tracker for bugs that require fixing.
  • Two discussion threads have been created on Ethereum Magicians to discuss the Ethereum upgrade after Dencun. Names for the next upgrade are being proposed, with Electra appearing to be a popular choice among developers
  • Efforts are being made to standardize Web3Signer, an open-source developer tool for signing transactions across multiple protocols. The team is looking to migrate their code to a new repository under the official Ethereum Github repository.
  • There was a proposal to limit the growth rate of the validator set by capping the churn limit at 12 validator entries and exits per epoch.
  • However, the proposal met with mixed responses, with some developers pushing back due to its controversial nature, while others agreed that it was necessary to implement quick countermeasures for the growing validator set size.

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Tech Articles

Dencun: Unveiling the Upcoming Network Upgrade with Finalized Specifications
Cancun EIPs: EIP-1153, EIP-4788, EIP-4844, EIP-5656 & EIP-6780 Deneb EIPs: EIP-7044 & EIP-7045 Engine API Changes & Additional Changes in Dencun specs

Exploring EVMMAX Proposals & BLS12-381
EVMMAX: EIP-5483, EIP-6601, EIP-5483 vs EIP-6601, EIP-6690 BLS12-381 Curve: EIP-2537, Operations, Applications

Highly Available Ethereum Nodes using N-Version Design
A research report by a team of KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Why Ethereum Clients prefer SSZ over RLP?
After The Merge, Ethereum uses two serialization formats for its two underlined layers. Execution clients use RLP, whereas Consensus clients use SSZ for data storage and transmitting.

Transient Storage for Beginners
EIP-1153: Need, Effects, Pros & Cons, Future Plans


PEEPanEIP #112: EIP-6110: Supply validator deposits on chain
In this PEEPanEIP call, the speakers discuss EIP-6110, which incorporates validator deposits into the Execution Layer's block structure. This alteration shifts the responsibility for deposit inclusion and validation to the Execution Layer, thereby eliminating the need for deposit (or eth1data) voting within the Consensus Layer.

The Bankless Origin Story
Raoul Pal interviews David and Ryan about everything related to Bankless. They each share their unique origin stories of how they first became involved in crypto, recount their initial meeting, discuss the inception of Bankless, and speculate on the future directions of Bankless.

From Lab to Life: Exploring Synthetic Biology
Synthetic biology is a fascinating field that combines biology, engineering, and computer science to design and construct new biological systems. In this video, you'll hear from three leaders in the synthetic biology industry: Drew Endy, John Cumbers, and Jennifer Holmgren.

When AI and Blockchain Meet, How Can Each Technology Benefit?
In recent months, ChatGPT, Bard and other new artificial intelligence (AI) products have revolutionized numerous industries. In this episode, Illia Polosukhin and Jason Warner delve into the transformative potential of AI and crypto coming together.

Judge Order in SEC vs. Ripple Case Boosts XRP
The SEC and Ripple have been locked in a legal tug of war for years, stirring up waves of controversy and debate in the crypto community. Lewis Cohen, co-founder of DLx Law, unpacks the details of this pivotal case and what it might mean for the future of cryptocurrency regulation.

Tech Explainers

ETH Withdrawals: Everything You Need to Know
Validators, Ethereum's Validator Lifecycle, Types of Withdrawals, EIP-4895, How to make your Validator ready for Withdrawal?, EIP-4736 & Shapella Mainnet

The Future of Ethereum Goerli Testnet
What is Goerli Testnet?, Why Developers like Goerli?, Goerl Shapella, Future of Goerli Testnet & Holesky Testnet

How to Become Validator for Ethereum Blockchain?
Staking, Setup Node, Roles & Responsibilities

Client Diversity
Execution Layer, Consensus Layer, Why there is a need for multiple clients?, Advantages & Risks

Reth: Ethereum Execution Layer Client Written in Rust
Why new client?, Goals, Reth Book, Launch Date & Akula

ELI5 Explainers

We have tried to explain common ethereum blockchain concepts in under 60 seconds.

  1. What is an Ethereum Account?
  2. Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs) Vs Contract Accounts
  3. What is an Ethereum Transaction?
  4. Ethereum Transaction Lifecycle
  5. What is Ethereum Validator?

Readers can follow more short videos here.

Client Updates




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