Arbitrum & Optimism to join Ethereum’s Dencun Testing soon

Beacon API Overview, Need for Versioned Hashes, Practical Implications, Future Developments

Arbitrum & Optimism to join Ethereum’s Dencun Testing soon

Currently, the Beacon API operates by necessitating data retrieval, specifically "blobs," based on a block ID. However, there has been a discussion about whether this method of retrieving blobs is adequate for Layer 2 (L2) operations. The suggestion of using versioned hashes as an alternate method for retrieving blobs came in response to a request for feedback from Arbitrum. Implementing this feature would allow L2 teams to retrieve blobs using a versioned hash, thus providing a more efficient and relevant approach for L2 solutions.

The consideration of using versioned hashes is important for L2 operations due to the way these layers function. Unlike the Beacon Chain, which adheres to the block ID system, L2 solutions primarily focus on versioned hashes. Therefore, integrating versioned hashes into the Beacon API would allow for smoother and more effective interactions between the Beacon Chain and L2 solutions.

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The successful introduction of a block ID in February was mentioned as a good example, particularly in the case of Optimism. However, it was noted that additional endpoints would necessitate indexing. Arbitrum operates in such a way that only the version hash is stored on the chain, with no block ID. Hence, the inclusion of versioned hashes within the Beacon API would significantly benefit their operations.

Both Arbitrum and Optimism are preparing to participate in the testing phase. Arbitrum is waiting for conditions to stabilize with respect to Devnet 8 before participating, while Optimism plans to rebase its prototype before joining. The Ethereum Core Developers have created PR332: Blob retrieval by versioned hash for further discussion on this matter.

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