EIP-4844 ready for Multi-Client Devnets

EIP-4844 Specs Updated, Prysm EIP-4844 Progress, Layer 2 Teams, Blob Transaction Mempool Design & Implementation, Data Gas Field & Execution API

EIP-4844 ready for Multi-Client Devnets

Introducing Dencun: The Next Exciting Chapter in Ethereum's Evolution. As the dust settles on the groundbreaking Shapella upgrade, it's time to turn our attention to the next milestone in Ethereum's journey. In this insightful blog post, we will discuss the latest developments surrounding EIP-4844.

EIP-4844 Specs Updated

The 4844 specs have been updated to include validation for excess data gas. This additional check ensures that the excess data gas field in headers is validated correctly. The update can be found in PR #6791, which adds excess_data_gas checks to block validation.

Prysm EIP-4844 Implementation Progress

The Prysm implementation of EIP-4844 has made significant progress, with various features now functional, such as state transition, validator blob signing, blob syncing alongside block, blob storage and pruning, and local devnet with multiple Prysm nodes and validators. Prysm is now ready for a multi-client devnet.

A checklist has been created to track the remaining tasks to reach feature completion and production readiness.

Feedback from Layer 2 Teams

Feedback from Layer 2's regarding the latest development has been mostly positive. OP labs, Coinbase, and Offchain labs provided positive feedback, and while the ZK side confirmed its usability, it may not be their top priority. No objections or incompatibility issues were raised, and no critical or blocking issues have surfaced.

Blob Transaction Mempool Design & Implementation

Ideas related to the design and implementation of blob transaction mempool were discussed. This conversation also touched on whether the tx pool implementation should be part of the spec; however, it seems better to have different implementations for client dos prevention.

Data Gas Field & Execution API

There was also discussion around putting the data gas field in receipt into the execution API, and there are plans to implement two tx pool tweaks for the devnet.

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