Ethereum Bulletin #81

Dappland by Argent, Nethermind Working on ProtoDankSharding, Besu Release 22.7.5, Message Logs Available on StarkScan, EIP-5744: Latent Fungible Token

Ethereum Bulletin #81


Dappland by Argent

Argent team has announced dappland, i.e., a platform to find and explore leading dapps across the StarkNet ecosystem. Readers can find team information, security audits, token information, etc., and more about their favourite dapps.

Nethermind Team Working on ProtoDankSharding

Nethermind Team has started working on ProtoDankSharding. Here is the link to EIP-4844 Readiness Checklist. Readers can also follow developers' discussion in the ETH R&D Discord Channel.

Besu Release 22.7.5


Message Logs Available on StarkScan

StarkScan,i.e., next-generation Starknet Block Explorer, has now allowed showing message logs in the Messages tab.

EIP-5744: Latent Fungible Token

Ethereum Developers have announced they are working on a new EIP, i.e., EIP-5744: Latent Fungible Token. The following standard is an extension of EIP-20 that enables tokens to become fungible after some initial non-fungible period. Once minted, tokens are non-fungible until they reach maturity. At maturity, they become fungible and can be transferred, traded, and used in any way a standard EIP-20 token can.

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