Ethereum Bulletin #80

Lens Protocol x ENS, Blockscan Updates, Erigon Release 2022.10.01, Goerli Validator Deposit Made Easier, Ethereum Transaction Viewer

Ethereum Bulletin #80


Lens Protocol x ENS

Lens Protocol has partnered with ENS to allow Lens data to be queried via ENS resolution. Lens data such as display name, profile photo, cover image, and address can now be queried as ENS Resource records using EIP-3668 Off-chain resolution. The Lens Protocol core team is operating a resolver via *, however, all code will be open-sourced so that anyone can create their own off-chain resolver serving Lens data.

Blockscan Updates

Etherscan has announced new updates to Blockscan. This includes:

  1. Messages between signed-in addresses now have End-to-end encryption (E2EE) by default. To sign in, users will need to sign a message twice to initialize encryption. If a user was previously signed in, they need to re-login for E2EE to be applied.
  2. DMs with addresses that haven't signed in to Chat post-E2EE will not be encrypted until both sides have signed. E2EE isn't available for bots, i.e., addresses tied to an API key.
  3. Contract addresses can now sign in to Blockscan Chat too.
  4. Users will now get notified by their browser when a message is sent to their address.

Erigon Release 2022.10.01


Goerli Validator Deposit Easier

Ethstaker Team has announced a new and easier way to perform a Goerli validator deposit. Users can join the #cheap-goerli-validator on EthStaker Discord and use the /cheap-goerli-deposit slash command. Then, they can perform Goerli validator deposits for only 0.0001 GoETH each.

Ethereum Transaction Viewer

Paradigm Researcher samczsun has created a Ethereum Transaction Viewer tool.

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