Ethereum Bulletin #66

Ethereum Core Devs Meeting #146 Scheduled Tomorrow, Mainnet Shadow Fork 12 Successful, Merge Monitoring Bot, LooksRare's Game Plan for TheMerge, Web3Afrika's Speed Run Ethereum Bootcamp

Ethereum Bulletin #66


Ethereum Core Devs Meeting #146 Scheduled Tomorrow

Here are some key points our readers should remember about this call:

Here is the link to the Highlights of the last All Core Dev meeting #145.

Mainnet Shadow Fork 12 Successful

Mainnet Shadow Fork 12 was successfully merged today. Developers have used latest versions written in the official Mainnet Merge Announcement. So far, Developers have found 0 issues. There are no missed proposals, and the attestation rate didn't change pre-post merge. Here is the link to the MSF 12 tracker. We have covered all insights & bugs in all shadow forks in this article: Ethereum Mainnet Shadow Forking: An Overview.

Merge Monitoring Bot

Nethermind, in collaboration with Forta, has announced the deployment of two monitoring bots custom built for anyone to track milestones leading up to the Ethereum's The Merge upgrade. The first Merge bot tracks milestones in TTD and the second Merge bot will be triggered when a block's difficulty deviates too much from a moving average of the difficulty of past blocks.

LooksRare's Game Plan for TheMerge will go into maintenance mode shortly before The Merge occurs. The multi-sig currently operating the LooksRare protocol will update the Currency Manager so that WETH is no longer a supported currency. After the merge is completed, the multi-sig operators will confirm that the POW fork no longer uses ChainID 1. The multi-sig will update the Currency Manager on the POS chain to add WETH as a supported currency. LooksRare protocol will also not support ETH PoW forks.

Web3Africa's Speed Run Ethereum Bootcamp

Web3 Afrika exists to accelerate the education and opportunities of a new wave of builders and bring diversity into web3 conversations globally by fostering communities in Africa, Africans in the diaspora, and persons of African descent from across the world. In addition, they have announced Speed Run Ethereum Bootcamp in collaboration with Austin Griffith.

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