EtherWorld Weekly June 19, 2022

Ethereum Gray Glacier Upgrade, Sepolia Testnet Merge, Web3 games by Immutable, and many more news and project updates in today's newsletter. Podcasts have also been included to help you expand your knowledge.

EtherWorld Weekly June 19, 2022



Ethereum news

Ethereum Gray Glacier Upgrade
This will be activated on June 29th on Block #15050000, to push difficulty bomb on Ethereum's PoW chain probably for the last time.

Sepolia Testnet Merge
Sepolia is a testnet which will still remain after The Merge along with Goerli/Prater. Sepolia Beacon Chain is a PoS version of Sepolia and is soon to be merged. Sepolia's merge with SBC will happen in a couple of weeks.

Mainnet-shadow-fork-7 announced
Mainnet shadow fork 7 is out with the aim to test fixes deployed on Ropsten and make sure that there are no regressions.

Gitcoin with $3Million+ in matching funds (GR14)
The Gitcoin grant is one of the biggest grants of the Ethereum network. Gitcoin has announced Grant Round 14 with over $3 Million+ in matching funds of which $1 Million in Main Round matching funds, the Gitcoin Grant Round 14 is live now and it is up till 29th June.

We are happy to share that EtherWorld team is also participating in the GR14 and you may support us by donating here.

Ethereum Bulletin

Ethereum Bulletin 20
Application-specific rollups will be built on L3, Maker Governance has voted to add rETH as a new collateral type, Gray Glacier Upgrade Announcement, Circle launched EURO Coin, Immutable is launching web 3 games, Starksheet landing page is live, 3AC is liquidated by three major central exchanges

Ethereum Bulletin 19
Sepolia.Dev, Some ways to use ZK-SNARKs for privacy, Maker Governance voted to add rETH, Circle announced the launch of Euro Coin on Ethereum, MetaMask Wallet Vulnerability Alert!, zk-Rollup Coming Soon on Polygon!!, A new Merge Readiness Checklist Released

Ethereum Bulletin 18
Sepolia testnet configuration is out, Three Arrows Capital is losing it to the bear market, Geth v1.10.19 just released, Mainnet-shadow-fork-7 announced, OpenSea moved to Seaport protocol, zkRollup Directory v2.0 is now live.

Ethereum Bulletin 17
Updates on Ethereum Foundation, Coinbase is reducing workforce , BlockFi explains its relation with Celsius, Modular Ethereum stack. Superfluid announced prototype for the world’s 1st cross-chain asset streaming.

Ethereum Bulletin 16
Use cases of blockchain for non-financial purposes, Celsius has halted all transaction related activities, MEV should be as low as possible, Which client node is best to run after the merge, Sushi is Rolled Up To Optimism, Grants Round 14 is officially live and we’re participating.

World News

Tag Heuer rolls out NFT feature for some smartwatch models
Tag Heuer, the Swiss luxury watchmaker owned by fashion powerhouse LVMH, will now let customers display non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the face of certain smartwatch models.

UK Minister Wants Nation to Be a Crypto Hub
UK’s digital minister, Chris Philp, has re-emphasized the authorities’ decision to make the country the best crypto hub worldwide.

SEC launches insider trading inquiry into crypto exchanges
The SEC has launched an inquiry on whether cryptocurrency exchanges have adequate insider trading safeguards.

Kazakhstan Government has approved pilot crypto exchange AIFC
Kazakhstan is one of the centers of cryptocurrency mining. Kazakhstan government has approved a pilot cryptocurrency exchange AIFC, and if the pilot is successful, it will revise the legislation.

Huobi exchange will exit Thailand
Huobi Thailand will shut down its exchange permanently on July 1 as its crypto license got revoked, according to an announcement posted on its website.

Celsius Stops All Transfers And Withdrawals Between Accounts
Celsius Network, a cryptocurrency lending firm, has announced pausing of all withdrawals and transfers between accounts due to 'extreme market conditions'.

Terra Labs, Do Kwon, and several LFG firms have been sued
Terraform Labs, its founder Do Kwon, and numerous VC firms that make up the Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) were sued by an Illinois resident for allegedly violating federal securities laws and misleading investors.

Projects Update

Immutable is launching web 3 games
Immutable has just begun a lot of projects and is rapidly growing. They're starting a new phase with an exciting project, projects—that will be web 3 games. They anticipate that gaming will offer the next billion web 3 users, hence they are building these games on Layer 2s to ensure security and scalability.

OpenSea moved to Seaport protocol
OpenSea is migrating to Seaport, a new web3 marketplace protocol designed for safely and efficiently buying and selling NFTs.

Polkadot Relayers 2022
Polkadot Relayers 2022 is a program bringing together developers and entrepreneurs to create a conducive and engaging platform for innovative ideas to come to life.

Circle has announced Euro Coin
Circle announces euro-pegged stablecoin called Euro Coin and the coin will be available to institutional customers from June 30th.

Coinbase is reducing workforce by 18%
Coinbase mentioned that the company has written an email to all of its employees alerting them that they will be shrinking by 18%.

Kraken Announces Global Hiring Push and Commitment to Crypto-First Culture
Kraken, said it has not adjusted hiring plan and do not intend to make any layoffs. Kraken have over 500 roles to fill during the remainder of the year.

Tech update

Podcasts & Videos

Ethereum Cat Herders Podcast
PEEPanEIP by Ethereum Cat Herders Podcast with Sajida Zouarhi from Hyperledger Besu. They talked about what they expect from TheMerge and what impact new technologies would have on client operators.

Arbitrum – The Layer 2 Scaling Solution
Arbitrum is an Ethereum blockchain Layer 2 scaling solution that helps to reduce excessive transaction gas fees. Arbitrum uses a multi-round optimistic rollup that communicates with Ethereum's main chain on a frequent basis.

Connext – Speeding Up Secure Bridges Between Chains
Connext is a crosschain liquidity network that allows entirely noncustodial transfers between EVM-compatible crosschains (xapps) and L2 systems to be completed quickly. Connext works in conjunction with nomad bridge technology to allow for quick value movement across blockchains and interchain DeFi protocols.

The Daily Gwei Refuel 387
In this podcast, they've discussed about the Gray Glacier Upgrade, 3AC liquidation update, and many more things.

Green Pill 19
They discussed about Gitcoin Grant Round 14 and the broader crypto space in this video.

Blockchain Events

Job listing


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