PayPal enabled transfer to external wallet and exchanges

Now Paypal users and merchants can send their cryptocurrency from their Paypal account to native crypto wallets and exchanges.

PayPal enabled transfer to external wallet and exchanges

Recently, Paypal has announced that from now users and merchants can send or receive crypto from native exchanges and external wallets.

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Paypal started accepting the cryptocurrency.

Previously, Paypal has announced a feature by which users and merchants can buy, hold, and sell cryptocurrency directly from their Paypal account with no service fees. Initially Paypal was allowing users to buy and sell Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin within the Paypal wallet and users or merchants can’t send that to any external wallet or exchange.

PayPal enabled transfer to native wallets and exchanges.

Recently, Paypal announced the feature to allow users to transfer cryptocurrency between Paypal and external wallets. This feature has been rolled out to US users from Tuesday. By using this feature users can move their cryptocurrency from Paypal to external crypto wallets including hardware wallets and exchanges. A user can send crypto directly to friends and family with no network charges to send or receive the same. This announcement comes out as an important announcement for users and merchants as millions of users and merchants use Paypal in day-to-day life for payments. Paypal has announced this and shared tutorials of this on their official newsroom.

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