Ethereum Bulletin #7

Ropsten Beacon Chain is live and merge is announced, mainnet shadow fork 6 happened, MakerDAO is now connected to StarkNet, LSD not safely exceeding consensus will be an issue for PoS, Immutable submitted proposal to Ape Coin DAO, MEV explorer launched

Ethereum Bulletin #7


Ropsten Beacon Chain is now live and Ropsten merge announcement

As we know that the TTD has now been increased to a large number which will take years to reach . (Check out Ethereum Bulletin #6 to know more )The TTD which has been set right now is not the actual TTD , it is just a value which is set for the time being before the actual TTD is announced on the chain. But due to that incident of TTD reaching earlier than expected the Ropsten chain was halted for a while which is now live again.

Ropsten will be the first longstanding testnet to run through The Merge. The Chain will upgrade to merge-compatible protocol rules (Bellatrix), expected on June 2, 2022. After this, a Terminal Total Difficulty (TTD) will be chosen to activate The Merge on the proof-of-work chain. Node Operators will need to manually set this value on their clients.

Another announcement with the exact Terminal Total Difficulty to use for the Ropsten Merge will be on June 3, 2022. Users should expect this TTD value to be hit a few days after it is chosen, and should be ready to configure their clients accordingly on short notice.

Mainnet Shadow fork 6 happening today

Shadow Forking refers to using data from a testnet or the mainnet to test sync assumptions for a network upgrade, so that developers can test features before deploying the actual upgrade to the mainnet. The team will be using the same config as Ropsten. Then, around June 8th, the Ropsten public testnet will go through The Merge transition. Checkout Ethereum Testnets after The Merge for information on available testnets.

MakerDAO is now connected to StarkNet

StarkNet is a ZK-Rollup (L2).Its goal is to move computation out of the Ethereum main chain (L1) and send validation proof to it for quick validation. It uses a specific proof called the STARK for the same . The collaboration will enable Dai transfers between StarkNet and Ethereum .

Why LSD not safely exceeding consensus thresholds be an issue for PoS protocol

LSD protocols have inherent issues when they exceed consensus thresholds.These issues are explained by Dannyryan . These can be the possible issues which Ethereum PoS can face in the future so Liquid staking derivatives (LSD) such as Lido and similar protocols have to take certain actions to combat these challenges.

Immutable has submitted a proposal to Ape Coin DAO

Immutable X is the first cross-liquidity scaling protocol for NFTs on Layer 2. The platform is built on StarkWare's layer 2 engine, leveraging zero-knowledge technology to achieve significant scalability on top of Ethereum without compromising on security or decentralization.Ethereum is the secure blockchain and is where the majority of NFT network effects are; particularly in gaming. The only way for ApeCoin to take full advantage of Ethereum's unrivaled benefits AND provide a seamless UX (e.g. 0 gas, instant trade settlement, mass-liquidity, and Ethereum security) is via Layer 2s. ImmutableX has proposed a collaboration offer for Ape Coin DAO.In addition to being ApeCoin's Trusted Settlement Layer, Immutable X will be a strategic partner - consulting the ApeCoin community cross web3 economy building, game mechanics, marketing and design as the Yugaverse continues to innovate and provide world building experiences to the ApeCoin community – all at planet Ape scale.

Public MEV explorer launched

MEV is most commonly linked with miners, but it is not a Proof-of-Work nor an Ethereum-specific problem. Today, the majority of MEV extraction comes from searchers.

Searchers are Arbitrage Traders and Bot Operators who are actively seeking and discovering MEV chances on-chain and capturing them in various ways, whereas miners only earn from these traders' transaction fees.

MEV is present on all blockchains that support smart contracts: Miners and validators tend to choose and arrange transactions based on the highest gas price or transaction fees as they search for profit. They are in-charge of choosing and grouping transactions into blocks.

There are many MEV explorers in the ecosystem but this newly launched explorer is simple to use .

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