EtherWorld’s weekly: Nov 02, 2020

JPM Coin, Coinbase VISA debit card, UNICAS, ETH2 and more

EtherWorld’s weekly: Nov 02, 2020


Headlines of the week

JPM Coin, a cryptocurrency by JP Morgan & Chase is LIVE: JPMorgan & Chase confirms first transaction of its JPM coin. The coin can be redeemed for a U.S. dollar. JPMorgan is the same bank giant that earlier used to criticize cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase has announced to extend VISA debit card services to its US customers from coming winters: Coinbase has announced plans to extend VISA debit card services to its US customers from coming winters. Already available across 30 countries worldwide, works with any Visa-compatible payment terminal, up to 4% back in crypto rewards.

An Indian bank enabling crypto services with UNICAS: Cashaa in joint venture with United Multistate Credit Cooperative Society introduce cryptocurrency to India through UNICAS.

China should take part in creating Global Regulatory Framework for Digital Currency, Xi says: Chinese president Jinping Xi while speaking on country’s long- term economic vision said that Chinese economy should benefit from accelerated development of the digital currency and actively participate in creating a Global Regulatory framework on digital currency and digital tax.

ConsenSys Selected as Technology Partner by the Bank of Thailand for CBDC Project: Consensys will develop Proof-of-concept to test a CBDC prototype with the objective to explore the potential of blockchain technology.

Mongoli’s largest bank to offer crypto- related services: The Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia planned to start offering crypto- related services to its customers across its 50 branches.


Tutorial to install Gekko Trading Bot

A visualization of the Ethereum roadmap

Ethereum All Core Devs (ACD) meeting #99 video

Barnabé Monnot’s combination of 1559's and Floating escalator

Latest in eth 2 by Ben Edgington

Eth2 Implementer's Call #51- 2020-10-29

Ethereum Layer 2 solutions by Nick Johnson


एथ2 इम्प्लीमेंटर्स कॉल # 51

१५५९ की स्थिति - अपडेट 00२ (हिंदी अनुवाद)

एथ2 इम्प्लीमेंटर्स कॉल # 50


KingSwap public launch on Uniswap with special Halloween NFT

Harvest Flashloan Economic Attack Post-Mortem

Yearn security disclosure



How is blockchain going to change agriculture? (Etherworld Exclusive) - EW in conversation with Sabarish Nair, Director of Operations at BirthVenue talks about their product, and acceptance of blockchain in Indian agriculture system.

Blockchain governance: a great virtue and a problem - Economist Tyler Cowin in discussion with Vitalik said that he see crypto governance as both- a great virtue and a problem and believes crypto is libertarian. Both talked about the role of governance, Steem hard fork, and discussed the future of ETH 2.0 and role of media in cryptospace.

Events and Summits

ETHPlanet workshop & hackathon 2020 concluded with announcement of winners


November 6&7: Trufflecon 2020 virtual blockchain developer conference

November 9: The 2.5 Internet talk show 2020

November 12: Baseline Protocol Summit 2020

November 13: Starting with L2s

November 20: dApp development on L2

November 27: Ethereum L2 users


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