Coinbase debit card for the US customers

Coinbase has announced to extend VISA debit card services to its US customers from coming winters. Already available across 30 countries worldwide, works with any Visa-compatible payment terminal, up to 4% back in crypto rewards.

Coinbase debit card for the US customers

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has become a standard platform for cryptocurrency investors. It allows for Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin and Bitcoin to trade. Coinbase has announced the launch of Coinbase Visa Card for its customers in the U.S (excluding Hawaii) later this year. Customers can join the waitlist to get a Coinbase card whenever it is live. Coinbase Card is a visa debit card that can be used anytime for payment and purchases online, offline and internationally wherever visa is accepted. It works with any Visa-compatible payment terminal and allows you to withdraw money from an ATM facility. Cryptocurrency is first converted to US dollars before completing the transaction.

Exclusive rewards for the US customers

It is for the first time Coinbase introduced new reward features- upto 4% back in crypto rewards. It is initially only available to the customers in the U.S. While Coinbase released a separate app for its European users, customers in the US can manage the card from the main Coinbase app available to Americans. It will help the customers to monitor expenditure of cryptocurrencies on mobile. The Coinbase card holders can transfer money directly from their Coinbase accounts. There is no issuance fee for the card. However, cryptocurrency conversion fees may apply.

Coinbase Card available across 30 countries worldwide

Coinbase Card makes it easy to spend funds from cryptocurrency wallet available on Coinbase. This is operational in nearly 30 countries covering Europe and UK very recently. In 2019 it extended the services to six new countries across Europe including Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Ireland and Netherlands.

Customers can prefer USD Coin

Customers can opt to spend stablecoins like USD Coin or other specific cryptocurrencies as per their wish. Coinbase customers can use USDC for payment transactions through the app. Circle and Coinbase since the initial launch of the CENTRE consortium’s US Dollar Coin (USDC) stablecoin have been working to build it together. It was developed to benefit those who trade in dollars. Unlike bitcoin or ether, a USDC is meant to represent a single US dollar (USD) that does not move up or down relative to its reference currency.

Extending services of Coinbase Card is visualized as a great push forward to create mainstream adoption of crypto exchange. Offering the facility of Coinbase Card enables its customers in the US to facilitate real-world applications of cryptocurrencies. The card's planned launch comes after PayPal's entry to the cryptocurrency sector. Coinbase accepts PayPal and credit cards for crypto buying and selling since its announcement in 2016. All this open doors for mainstream cryptocurrency acceptance.

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