Generate Ethereum Wallet from Private Key

Having a digital asset wallet is the first step for users interested in blockchain space. A wallet is basically a pair of Public Key and Private key which is needed together to access any account. Those having reasonable understanding of Public Key and Private Key usually like to play around.

Many times users have Private Key and they want to generate Ethereum compatible password protected wallet from that key. Today, I am sharing a small utility program for Ethereum Blockchain in NodeJS that would help user to generate Ethereum compatible password protected wallet starting just with Private Key.

I will use a Javascript library ethereumjs-wallet to achieve this. This library provide a function to convert Private key to wallet protected by password.

How to generate Ethereum Wallet from Private Key

I have put together a small utility using above library . All you have to do is to clone this repo and run the utility.

Assumption: nodeJS is already installed on the system.


Pseudo code for better understanding

Make an instance of wallet form the private key

const Wallet = require('ethereumjs-wallet')
const util = require('ethereumjs-util')
let wl=new Wallet(util.toBuffer(PrivateKey))

And then you can password protect and generate the wallet..


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