Commit Ethereum Transaction Using Command Line

A command line utility to commit transactions on Ethereum blockchain without any download or web browser.

Commit Ethereum Transaction Using Command Line

In Ethereum ecosystem, one of the biggest challenge is to design a safe way to commit transaction on the bockchain. Geth, the official software of Ethereum provides good amount of security. But before you start relaying transactions on it, the software has to be downloaded, installed and chain has to be synced. Chain syncing can run for hours depending upon which mode are you running in.

There are browser and browser add-ons based alternatives too, where you have to expose your private key which makes it unsafe to do transactions.

Here, I am going to share a small utility to commit transactions on Ethereum blockchain without any download or web browser. It's a command line utility. All you need is Node.js to run this utility and it connects to Infrua to relay transactions on blockchian.

Steps to post transactions on Ethereum blockchain via command line

  1. Make a git clone of this project

    git clone

  2. Go to directory ethcmd and issue following command to install dependencies.

    npm install

  3. Start the utility node index.js. it will fire up the interactive JS shell. You can choose the Ethereum network you want, I am selecting Ropsten for demonstration.


You may request test Ether from Ropsten Ethereum Faucet.

  1. On next screen, provide the private key of the wallet


  1. Next screen , enter the Ethereum address you want to send ether.


  1. Enter the amount you want to send. it will give you the transaction id which you can search on etherscan to see the status of transaction.



Please find the source code of utility on Github

I hope you will have fun toying around. If you find this article helpful, please share. Also, you may reach me at with your comments, questions or suggestions of new topics that you would want to be covered at

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