EtherWorld's weekly: January 06, 2019

ConsenSys announced a collaboration with AMD; Tesla Stock on a Blockchain; TurboTax partnered with a crypto tax company to bring crypto tax automation; ETH dev team is going forward with progPOW in upcoming HF; 10 years of Bitcoin Genesis and more...

EtherWorld's weekly: January 06, 2019

(Blockchain Weekly Recap)


World news

  • ConsenSys announced a collaboration with Abu Dhabi-based Halo Holdings and AMD to develop optimized datacenter solutions for emerging blockchain workloads through the creation of W3BCLOUD.
  • Tesla Stock on a Blockchain Offers Hint of Where Crypto's Headed.
  • TurboTax partnered with a crypto tax company to bring crypto tax automation to everyone. Source: Reddit. Filing a TokenTax crypto-return with TurboTax

Ethereum News


  • Constantinople Hardfork will most likely activate on Wednesday, January 16, 2019. Ethereum Constantinople Client Adoption Overview: 11.9% - Upgrade your clients as soon as possible.

  • Read more Constantinople - the winding up of Metropolis phase

  • Ethereum Core Devs Meeting #52 [2019-01-04]

    • Agenda
    • Video
    • Assuming no major issues are found during testing, ETH dev team is tentatively going forward with progPOW. Martin Köppelmann, Founder of prediction market platform @gnosisPM, expressed his views against a progPOW hardfork. He suggested, "If ASICS are seen as an existential threat before we can move to POS than the addressing hard fork should instead introduce elements of POS that start to decrease the power and rewards of POW miners and get validators used to run nodes and thus smoothen the transition to POS."
  • A Look Back at 2018: The Year of Enterprise Ethereum. A comprehensive roundup of Consensys’ Enterprise Ethereum product launches, use cases, and future implications.

  • Reflecting on Ethereum's 2018 And Building A Colossal 2019

Other blockchain news

  • 10 years of Bitcoin Genesis (Block #0 - Jan 3rd, 2009).
  • National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) direct remit using RippleNet’s Blockchain technology. NBK Direct Remit is currently available for Jordan.
  • Cardano (ADA) has Become Particularly Visible on Japanese TVs



New Projects and Protocols

  • DX.Exchange: Digital Stocks & Crypto Exchange. Invest in crypto currencies and real digital stocks FOR FREE, 24/7!
  • Ignis Wallet (ALPHA): Plasma on SNARKs has arrived. ZKSNARKs Plasma ETH Scaling Solution of 500 Tx/s Launched on Testnet
  • Solo: The first open source FIDO2 security key. USB & NFC.
  • Stratis: Blockchain as a Service (BaaS).
  • Bloqpress: create and manage dynamic web content you own without relying on central services or databases.
  • EnjinX: Ad-Free, User-Friendly Ethereum Blockchain Explorer. EnjinX is a modern, fast, responsive web app for exploring Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens & blockchain data.
  • Avado: is a pre-configured appliance that provides Web3 access and a personal home server based on DAppNode
  • PoB — How to design a more decentralized consensus.
  • Proof of Existence Blockchain with Substrate

Project updates

  • EthHub, a fundamentals-focused, open source, community-driven Ethereum research and resources hub that aims to solve the issue of information asymmetry in the Ethereum ecosystem. It is live on mainnet.
  • Kyber Network: The Prototcol Smart Contract Upgrade completed successfully. The first permissionless orderbook reserve is tentatively to be launched in a week, after that anyone can add their tokens and start making orders on the smart contracts.
  • The next claim period for airdrop of #Escher tokens will commence on the #Ubiq network in roughly 500 blocks. The claim period will last 30,000 blocks until #735,000. This being the 4th drop of governance tokens, the ratio will be 2 ESCH / $UBQ.
  • Grid+ Progress Report — 01/04/2019
  • Connext Community Update #5. Open source and custodial hubs


Out of the league

Print, Video, Podcast & Interviews

  • “If we want crypto to get more adoption, it has to be by providing real value to people” - Vitalik at ETHSingapore.

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