EtherWorld's weekly: January 13, 2019

US Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard Bought Crypto; RBI threatens to close accounts if involved in crypto; Rinkeby Ethereum testnet successfully forked over to Constantinople; 51% attack on Ethereum Classic; RippleNet Surpasses 200 Customers Worldwide and more...

EtherWorld's weekly: January 13, 2019

(Blockchain Weekly Recap)


World news

  • US Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard Bought Crypto at Height of Bull Market
  • Korea FinTech Industry Association Network Alliance: Walton Blockchain Institute and K-FiNNeT Co-established Blockchain Talent Cultivation Education Course To Train 150k Developers In 3 Years.
  • Japan: Seven Cryptocurrency Exchanges Could Receive FSA-Issued Licenses in Two Months
  • New regulation of RBI (Reserve Bank of India) threatens to close accounts of users if involved in crypto transactions
  • A law firm in Canada wants to be the first “All-Crypto Legal Firm”.
  • IBM Unveils World's First Integrated Quantum Computing System for Commercial Use.

Ethereum News



Other blockchain News



New Projects and Protocols

  • 1–800-Ethereum: Gas Stations Network for Toll Free Transactions.
  • Moon Raffle: grab your chance to win the world's largest verifiable ethereum jackpot. Reddit
  • Codefund2.0 - sustainability for open source project advertising without 3rd party trackers
  • VIBE: The World's First VR / AR Marketplace & Hub On The Blockchain. VIBE or DIE is live.

Project and Protocol updates

  • Understanding Rust Lifetimes
  • Status Desktop is Officially in Alpha - Introducing v0.9.0
  • Introducing the 0x Market Maker Program
  • Messaging for Web 3.0: Building an Anonymous Messaging Protocol
  • Overcoming ShapeShift’s Crypto Winter
  • POA Network: Honey Badger BFT and Threshold Cryptographyand the Path Ahead, laid off 37 employees.
  • Decentralized Platform Qtum Introduces Bitcoin Atomic Swaps to Its Mainnet
  • zeppelinos/zos v2.1.0 released. you can now use ZeppelinOS with contracts built using Solidity 0.5.x.
  • Everything Enterprises Need to Know About Amazon’s Blockchain as a Service
    Amazon partnering with Kaleido to offer blockchain as a service.


Out of the league

Hiring and Bounty

Print, Video, Podcast & Interviews

Blockchain good reads

EtherWorld's collection of Good Read on Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Wallets, Exchange, Trading & Mining

  • MEWconnect for Android: Official GooglePlay Release - the ‘hardware wallet’ without all the hardware — is now available for Android smartphones on GooglePlay!
  • Bitcoin Cash Token Wallets Have Arrived! 1 CENT Average Transaction Fees 😱& More Bitcoin Cash News
  • New Ledger Nano X Released! - Next Generation Hardware Wallet.
  • ALERT !!! Fake ElectrumWallet website with exe's hosted on @github - exe contacts a RU host e-xodus[dot]com
  • Bittrex Exchange has completed the Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople hard fork upgrade scheduled for block 7,080,000.

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