EtherWorld's weekly: September 16, 2018

Constantinople coming to Ropsten testnet in October; Hurricane Victims Edge Closer to Automated Insurance Payouts With Ethereum; Softbank, Synchronoss and TBCASoft partner on a Proof of Concept for an RCS and blockchain-based mobile payments service; Closing and more..

EtherWorld's weekly: September 16, 2018

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World news

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Ethereum News

  • The Görli Testnet Proposal Proposal - A Call for Participation by Afri Schoedon from team Parity. "Now, that EIP-1011, the hybrid Casper proof-of-work/proof-of-stake testnet idea has been abandoned by latest Ethereum research, Görli could be the next-generation public Ethereum test network", states the post. The Aura EIP is being drafted on Github.

  • Vitalik tweeted

To be clear, I never said that there is "no room for growth" in the crypto ecosystem. I said there is no room for 1000x price increases. A 1000x price increase from today means $200T in crypto, or ~an entire 70% of today's global wealth being in crypto.
What I actually said is that, because large portions of the population have already heard of crypto, further growth of crypto in any sense must come from depth (ie. actual usage), and not bringing in more attention




* EIP-1380: Reduced gas cost for call to self
* ERC1400 - Security Token Standard . ERC1400 is now open for discussion! Post any comments you have on GitHub. This community-driven standard will change security tokens, Ethereum, and capital markets forever.
* EIP-1108: Reduce alt_bn128 precompile gas costs
* EIP-1057 (ProgPoW) and EIP-1355 (Ethash1a)
* Crypto Composables ERC-998 — Update 6 “In the Wild”

Casper - A tight and intuitive Casper slashing condition - Justin Drake.

Good Reads on Blockchain

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New Projects

  • Emergent Ventures - a project to help foment enlightenment.
  • Hacera Network Registry - creates directory to blockchain project.
  • The Brooklyn Project is developing a Core Framework and experimenting with a crypto-economic system to help consumer token projects engage the community to build more trust, cooperation, fairness, safety, and regulatory compliance across the industry. Official Blog

Project updates

  • Aragon DAO Backed Transcoders.
  • The First Use Case of BANKEX Plasma
  • MetaMask Breaking Change: No Accounts Exposed by Default. (edited on 9/13 to reflect updates made to EIP-1102).
  • AirSwap Technology and a New Model for Tokenized Securities
  • Saying Goodbye to Slack and Hello to Status
  • Schedule Your Ethereum Transactions Now On MyCrypto. The Ethereum Alarm Clock from ChronoLogic is live.


Trading and Mining

  • Gemini can make GUSD non-transferrable at any moment

Hackathon, Conferences, Events & Developer programs

Ongoing ...
  • March 19, 2018 - Spetmber 30, 2018: Gnosis X by Gnosis - a recurring challenge inviting developers, creators, and businesses to build customized prediction market applications on top of the Gnosis platform.



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