Coinbase will implement SegWit soon

Final testing phase of SegWit for Bitcoin on Coinbase. SegWit compatible Bitcoin sends/receives will be available for customers in the next few weeks.

Coinbase will implement SegWit soon

Long wait for SegWit implementation in Coinbase is now going to be over soon. Coinbase Official twitter, shared the information.


Coinbase is one of the the biggest fiat currency to cryptocurrency exchange in US. SegWit implementation was under consideration for a while. In Dec 2017, they made an announcement of "planning to implement SegWit in 2018," looks like they are right on schedule. Coinbase has been receiving a numerous customer complaints of transaction delays, huge transaction charges. With SegWit to be implemented, the overall transaction capacity will be improved and help reduce the fees customers pay on Bitcoin transactions.

Coinbase allows to purchase cryptocurrency using Credit Card, Debit Card and Bank account. But recently a few card issuers have blocked purchases of digital currency with credit cards.
• Chase
• Bank of America
• Citi
• Capital One
Coinbase is encouraging affected customers to switch to debit card or bank account payment methods.

Coinbase stores billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin on behalf of customers and any change to infrastructure requires significant planning and consideration for the security and stability of the platform. We have witnessed so many hacking stories so far. Good thing is, Coinbase is putting appropriate efforts to avoid adding one more such story to cryptocurrency history. Let's hope the implementation takes place soon and users be able to save big.

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