What Are Dapps and Which Are The Best Ones to Use in 2018?

As 2018 unfolds the true definition of what a Dapp is will become clearer and easier to describe, but up to this point such a thing doesn’t exist.

What Are Dapps and Which Are The Best Ones to Use in 2018?

You may very well be wondering what we mean when we mention ‘Dapps’. No we haven’t misspelled the word apps. Dapps are the result of the popularity of blockchain and rumour has it, they are going to become a powerhouse in 2018.

But what exactly is a Dapp? Due to how new they actually are, there isn’t a set definition of what it is they are. In theory though they are an app which is completely decentralized. By that we mean that they are completely implemented within the blockchain system. Along with that they have to be open-sourced, be incentivized and have a consensus mechanism.

As 2018 unfolds the true definition of what a Dapp is will become clearer and easier to describe, but up to this point such a thing doesn’t exist. You also can’t go and just download a Dapp from the Google Play Store and expect it to work on your device. In order to access and use a Dapp, you need an Ethereum browser. Examples of these include MetaMask or Status.

Keep your eyes out this year as dapp developers begin to push technology even further and provide us with a world we couldn’t have even imagined at the start of last year.

Best Dapps Out Now

We’re going to dive into the world of dapps and let you know a little about some of the best ones you can get right now. It’s worth keeping in mind that they might not be in the final stage of development, so allow a little leeway for improvement as the Dapp developers continue working on them.

  1. Ethlance

Ethlance is the first dapp on our list and that’s because it’s a game changer for freelancers. Right now freelancers have to depend on platforms such as Upwork.com or Freelancer.com. Up until now they have been filling a void that brings clients and freelancers together, allowing work to be exchanged. The trouble though is that for Upwork, a huge fee is taken from every single job done by every single freelancer.

Freelancers are putting in a lot of work and out of the first $500 they might earn with one client, $100 of that is lost as Upwork take their cut. Ethlance changes this by being completely designed for the people. Transactions are carried out by exchanging tokens (coins) and because it’s completely decentralized, nobody can demand a fee for finding work. As it grows and develops it will become a hugely appreciated method of finding clients for freelancers.

  1. uPort

Next up is uPort. We’re really excited about this and think the Dapp developer behind it deserves a lot of plaudits. The concept is that the Dapp provides you with a unique identity. A digital identity. As this grows and becomes more complete we can imagine it being a way of providing credentials, citizenship information, a digital passport. The possibilities are practically endless.

We think as the year progresses, uPort will be spoken about a lot more and companies will begin to implement it throughout the workplace and possibly we might see it spread further than that.

  1. DNN - Decentralized News Network

If you ever get tired of reading the latest news from the media outlets then you’re not alone. People are getting fed up of the constant state of negativity the media presents day in, day out and as such Dapp developers have designed the DNN. This means that the news is created by the people for the people.

As it’s all completely incentivized, users get to vote and give tokens to contributors who are providing high-quality, accurate content to the Dapplication. The main reason we think this is a fantastic idea is that it allows users to get the news they want to read, not the agenda which is being pushed by the media outlets to date.

The list of Dapps will continue to grow and expand as the years go by and we think in two or three years, they will be the dominant force in the world as more people will start to learn about what Dapps are. The world of blockchain is getting incredibly exciting, if it wasn’t already, and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store.

Disclaimer: It is a guest post by Michael Kordvani from Fueled. It should NOT be viewed as an investment advice by EtherWorld. Readers are suggested to do their research before investing into any project.

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