Digital Asset Calculator (ver 0.2) FAQ

Digital Asset Calculator (ver 0.2) FAQ

What is Digital Asset Calculator (DAC) (ver 0.2)?

This is the second release of Digital Asset Calculator (DAC), originally introduced to help you figure out the worth of your tokens all together, with added features. We received a lot of positive feedbacks and suggestions to improve DAC (ver 0.1). In this release, a few of them are added.

Why do I need Digital Asset Calculator?

DAC can be used to keep track of your digital asset investment

  • create personalize watch list.
  • personalize portfolio in graphical representation (Pie-Chart)
  • calculate real time Net Asset Value (NAV) of your investment
  • NO app download required. Simply type from mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

What are the new features?

In this release, we have added a couple of more fields. Now user can

  • also add price at which it was originally bought
  • based on the data, it can show the total profit or loss in that investment as per present market.
  • A present portfolio pie-chart is also available that would reflect the investment amount per asset and over all percentage distribution.

Is it safe to use?

We hope, this will be proved as a useful application for digital asset users who wants to keep track of market and their portfolio. It doesn't require access to your wallet, data stored is local, so no one can have access to your personalized screen. Hence, your assets are completely SAFE.

How can we access it?

You can access Digital Asset Calculator (DAC) at your desktop, tablet and mobile at
This is a gift to our community as many of us have hard time keeping track of their asset. You are most welcome to try it and if found useful please share. Sharing is Caring !!

How is it used?

To start using the DAC, keep adding digital asset you want to keep track of. Add records by hitting "+" below the row. To delete any record, use delete icon on the right. Feel free to experiment with it and don't forget to share your experience / feedback / suggestions to improve, with us at

Try Digital Asset Calculator here.

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