EtherWorld's weekly: January 28, 2018

EtherWorld's weekly: January 28, 2018

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Quote of the day

"Things we learned in 2017: in the full-blocks equilibrium, transaction fee prices are even more volatile than cryptocurrency prices." - Vitalik Buterin


World news

Ethereum News

  • Ethereum Yellow Paper has been updated - The Yellow Paper is a formal definition of the Ethereum protocol, originally by Gavin Wood. It was under discussion from last few dev calls as how to manage Yellow Paper and its copyright. On Jan 6, 2018, Gavin updated that it has been placed under the Creative Commons Free Culture License CC-BY-SA. It is currently maintained by Nick Savers and with contributions from many people around the world.

  • Email Scam - Email from Vitalik asking for ETH is a SCAM.

  • cbc Casper v0.2 released - Networks and More Consensus upgrades.

    • Rework of networks to make them more realistic with flexible delays.
    • Hash-linking messages based on message headers, so messages now aren't added to a view until they are justified.
    • Added consensus on an integer, a list, and a concurrent schedule.
    • Rework state languages and testing languages to be able to describe more protocol states and test more protocols.
    • Increase test coverage.
  • Gas prices are super-low on Jan 28, 2018.


Developer's Update

Good Reads on Blockchain

Print, Video, Podcast & Interviews

  • Coincheck Hack Interview with NEM Foundation VP Jeff McDonald + Alex Tinsman from Inside NEM
  • DNN In Focus: Justin Festa, Chief Digital Officer


New Projects and White Paper

  • DAV - A software platform that allows anyone to buy or sell autonomous transportation services in a decentralized market. Nick Johnson joins the advisory board.
  • Travelchain - Decentralized data exchange for the travel industry.
  • Ethertulips - Tradable virtual tulips on the Ethereum blockchain. Reddit
  • FOAM - Proof of Location
  • Cryptofighters - A gaming Dapp like Cryptokitties.

Project updates and Press Release

  • AragonOS 3.0 alpha, the new operating system for protocols and DApps introduced on Jan 25, 2018. Smart contract codebase has been frozen, audit with WHG starts and announcement for Aragon v0.5 release schedule.
  • EOS Dawn 3.0 Alpha Release
  • OMG Network Validation
  • 5 Ways REX Will Help Real Estate Agents Thrive
  • Giveth - Tackling Ethereum scalability issues
  • Gitcoin - Integrating Standard Bounties
  • uPort - Different Approaches to Ethereum Identity Standards
  • The District Weekly - January 27th, 2018
  • VariabL - Derivatives on Blockchain: Key Concepts
  • Etherparty Partner, Health Space, Announces Blockchain Network for Decentralizing Quality Control and Safety Audits
  • Siacoin - If Bitmain takes any action to harm the Sia project, we will soft-fork to invalidate their hardware.
  • Omega One Enlists Wall Street Execs to Build Finance Market of the Future
  • VeChain & DNV GL Global Partnership Announcement.
  • RootProject Joins Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition
  • ETHLend on Quest for Lending Volume — Lists Over 130 Tokens to Be Used As Collateral


  • Robinhood is launching a Crypto Trading app to compete with Coinbase
  • Litecoin added to @zebpay exchange, one of the largest exchanges in India.
  • Coincheck suspended deposits of NEM and payments after hack.
  • Using an In-Browser Ethereum Wallet? Here’s Some Things You Should Know

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Bounty and Hackathon

  • Microraiden Bug Bounty Update - The bounty is extended by at least 2 weeks.
  • Bancor Women's Day Bounty Campaign


Out of league



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