Introducing Digital Asset Calculator

We are happy to introduce world's first Digital Asset Calculator on the first day of 2018. According to a research, investors like to diversify their fund, which makes it difficult to keep track of their net worth of the investment. If cryptocurrency investors are also carried out with the same emotion of 'not keeping all the eggs in one basket', it is difficult for them too to know the asset value unless they do the manual calculation.

What is Digital Asset Calculator?

The Digital Asset Calculator is here so you can figure out the worth of your tokens all together. It pulls up current price of the asset and has built in calculator technology to make precise and accurate calculations, and provide you tokens net value anytime, anywhere.

Why will you use it?

Do you have a lot of different tokens and want to know how much it is worth? Then the digital asset calculator is the thing for you. It makes instant calculation to find the worth of your tokens in the U.S. dollar. Also, you can type in any token and find its current price. And don’t forget the best use - a calculator your kids can mess with.

How is it used?

To start using the Digital Asset Calculator, you hit the plus button and add a new row. Next, enter your token choice the column called "coin" (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc). Then, in the next column it will say the price of the token (value is filled automatically). Next, you type how much you have of that token and hit enter. Now, you have how much money all your tokens are worth together.


If you make a mistake like for example the wrong token hit the trash button next to the row to delete the whole row. The data would be saved at client side only.

You can access Digital Asset Calculator at your desktop, tablet and mobile and easily keep track of your asset. It is available on every page of the website of and is free :)

Please email us at for bugs, glitches, design flaw and advice and have fun!!

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