EtherWorld's weekly: December 31, 2017

EtherWorld's weekly: December 31, 2017 Happy New Year 2018 !!

EtherWorld's weekly: December 31, 2017

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World news

Ethereum News

"To be clear, the operative word here is "all". No, I won't stop or slow working on crypto just because price memes and stupid jokes exist - as long as there's also real social value that the ecosystem is working towards."

in response to his previous statement

"If all that we accomplish is lambo memes and immature puns about "sharting", then I WILL leave.
Though I still have a lot of hope that the community can steer in the right direction."

  • Confidential Transactions on Ropsten

  • Sharding FAQ

    • Vitalik Buterin's views on Sharding, "In my opinion, the current sharding spec as described here is basically already good enough to get us to thousands of transactions per second with reasonable security properties, as well as the ability to add cross-shard transactions as a not-that-difficult second step [do people agree?]. The demand for scaling is urgent, so it seems reasonable to just build this possibly with minor changes, launch it as fast as safely possible and go from there."
  • eWASM Javascript testnet planned for January.

  • How INFURA Solves Ethereum’s Other Big Scaling Challenge

  • Why Ethereum will be the most successful blockchain network? Rddit thread

  • Upload your wallpaper here - a project by Gitcoin

  • DARFchain switches its tokens to the Ethereum Blockchain


Developer's Update

Good Reads on Blockchain

  • A zkSNARK tutorial and development environment

Print, Video, Podcast & Interviews


New Projects and White Paper

  • Right Mesh - Decentralized Mobile Mesh Networking Platform, Using Blockchain Technology and Tokenization. White Paper
  • COINLION - A cryptocurrency exchange & portfolio management platform that rewards users for sharing information related to the management of digital assets.

Project updates and Press Release

  • IOTA into e-commerce soon! Proposal.
  • OpenBazaar, the marketplace integration are adding Bitcoin Cash, Zcash & Litecoin.
  • Aragon - News from the Front


  • The bitFlyer extends 0% trading fee promotion until the end of January 2018.
  • Trading is now live on Ethfinex for all existing Bitfinex users, with new sign ups becoming available as of January 15th.
  • OKEx Launches RDN, XLM, XMR
  • IOTA/EUR now on bitfinex.
  • CEX announce XRP withdrawals.
  • A Warning about SCExchange - Launching December 31st





ICO or Token Sale

Disclaimer: This list of ICO is NOT an endorsement by EtherWorld and it may include scam projects. Readers are requested to do their own research before investing into any project.

Please email at for Press Release and free listing of ICO & events.

Happy New Year 2018!!

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