Unikoin Gold - A Decentralized Esports Gaming Token

Unikoin Gold - A Decentralized Esports Gaming Token

Press Release

UnikoinGold Becomes The Largest Esports and Gaming Token With Global Reach

With sales already exceeding $30M, UnikoinGold is set to become the universal token for esports and gaming after a historic crowdsale. And even better, regulated cryptocurrency gambling is about to open up in Europe.

SEATTLE, WA, October 13, 2017 - Announced on October 9, 2017, major eSports platform Unikrn has been granted a gambling license in Malta. This move opens up the platform to fiat, or real-money wagering via the UnikoinGold token in Europe.

UnikoinGold, an ERC20 token based on the ethereum blockchain, is currently two weeks away from its crowdsale ending (October 22nd). This ICO is a medium for real-money betting in licensed jurisdictions. And with their expansion into Europe, that covers 80 percent of Europe.

For this expansion, the company formed Unikrn EU through a joint venture with RBP, an online gambling platform based out in France with over 300,000 users and 1 million unique monthly visitors.

Here’s what the CEO, Rahul Sood, had to say about UnikoinGold’s successes so far:

Our vision for UnikoinGold is to make it the universal esports and gaming token by continuing to add both wagering and non-wagering features to the Unikrn platform that our community has requested. We see a future where UnikoinGold is in the hands of millions gamers and esports fans, ushering in incredible opportunities to use UnikoinGold inside and outside of Unikrn’s own properties.”

Being the world’s top regulated esports betting platform, UnikoinGold has already raised well over $30 million in their crowdsale that started on September 23rd and has been backed by high-profile investors such as Mark Cuban, Ashton Kutcher and Panera Capital.

This goes to show that there’s a high demand for an esports token and there’s still time for you to research and participate in this historic crowdsale.

The key difference between UnikoinGold and other gambling/betting token is that others are more limited when it comes to wagering. The company is quickly continuing to expand into new, non-betting capabilities for UnikoinGold. Partners are coming in to give UnikoinGold non-betting utility across the industry: skins, hardware, software, tournaments, esports teams, and developers. All of these areas combined with their already established betting products creates a token and platform poised for universality. Those products are expanding into casinos, new experience such as live betting on the site, and now, a new continent.

After the crowdsale ends, no one will be able to purchase tokens from Unikrn anymore, unless it’s through their platform where you earn them. During the crowdsale, you can purchase UKG with Ether.


Project Overview

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and should NOT be viewed as an endorsement by EtherWorld. Readers are requested to do their own research before investing into any project.

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