RigoBlock - Decentralized Funds and Trading

RigoBlock - Decentralized Funds and Trading


RigoBlock is an upcoming blockchain-based decentralized hedge fund platform. It is built on the Ethereum Blockchain by applying the most rigorous practices for developing smart contracts - “Condition-Oriented-Programming”. It develops an environment which can guarantee infinite scalability and a wonderful user-experience. Pre-beta version of RigoBlock is launched on May 18, 2017.

RigoBlock is an innovative platform for creating Trading Funds that is the first fully decentalized and serverless structure of investment funds. It allows creation of funds in real time at minimum cost. For details, please refer white paper (0_1495830590257_RigoBlockPaper.pdf ).

It has three products:

  • Gabcoins – It allow users to pool Ether from the crowd acting as a trustless custodial service. Each user can create their own Gabcoin and RigoBlock never has access to any of the funds. Further to that, Gabcoins are pre-set to interact with Casper, the bleeding-edge soon-to-be-published Ethereum Proof-of-Stake mining algorithm.

  • Dragos - It allow users to pool Ether from the crowd and trade on decentralized exchanges, with the greatest degree of transparency and accountability ever seen. This happens in a completely trustless way as neither RigoBlock nor a drago’s creator can ever access the funds. First Proof-of-Concept of Dragos was shown in late Summer 2016.

  • Exchange – It allows users to trade crypto-derivatives contracts.

Rigoblock has developed a modular and complex structure of smart-contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. But, to MAKE IT SIMPLE FOR USERS, they have developed an easy-to-use platform. Just by the use of name and symbol users can interact with their preferred gabcoin or drago.

RigoBlock platform is built on our smart-contract engine, and  is accessible in the Parity Dapp Store on the Kovan network.

RigoBlock is operated by RigoInvestment, a company incorporated and registered in Switzerland.

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