Ethereum Core Developers update (May 19, 2017)

Ethereum Core Developers update (May 19, 2017)

Due to limit on number of participants and technical issues, live call of Ethereum core developers couldn’t happen last Friday (May 19, 2017). However, they went ahead with their regular calls and thanks to Hudson Jameson, we have summary of the core dev meeting call.

  • Ethereum core developers came to some conclusions about some unspecified rules and subtleties amongst the Metropolis EIPs. The meeting agenda in the PM repo covers some of the EIPs they discussed.

  • An EIP "freeze" system for metropolis EIPs are going to be implemented soon for testing across all of the clients to avoid any problems during launch.

  • Ethereum core developers need help with writing tests. Please reach out to /u/pirapira (Yoichi) if you want to help.

  • There is still no fixed date for metropolis release, but many Ethereum clients are making a lot of good progress implementing EIPs.

  • Metropolis changes will be tried on a testnet before going live on mainnet with the changes. At this time, the plan is to utilize the Ropsten test network to implement the changes and run it for at least 2 weeks to see if there are any issues. If there are no issues on the testnet a hard fork will occur on the mainnet at a pre-determined block height.

  • The release date for Metropolis is dependent on how quickly EIPs can be locked in and the amount of testing resources. At this point, the earliest that Metropolis would be released is August and it would be ideal if we release between August and September.

  • Due in part to the recent price increase and associated side effects, the block time increase due to the difficulty readjustment has been slowed down which in effect gives us more time to work on Metropolis before block times become too high.

Recording for the meeting is released at youtube on May 28, 2017.

Details provided at Github.

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