Starknet and zkSync Thrive Amidst Crypto Developer Downturn

Starknet and zkSync outshine crypto's developer downturn, showcasing steady growth in a challenging landscape, underlining their role in scaling Ethereum.

Starknet and zkSync Thrive Amidst Crypto Developer Downturn

In a challenging environment for crypto developers, Ethereum's layer-2 scaling solutions, Starknet and zkSync, have defied the trend by recording increases in their total monthly active developer counts over the past year. While these gains were modest, with Starknet seeing a 3% increase and zkSync a 6% increase, it's a remarkable achievement considering the broader decline in the crypto ecosystem.

Data from Electric Capital's updated developer report, covering the period up to October 1, revealed a 28% year-on-year decline in monthly active developers across the crypto landscape. Ethereum and Polygon, for instance, saw their developer counts drop by 23%, 43%, and 57%, respectively, during the same period.

The crypto community's renewed interest in layer-2 scaling solutions, such as Starknet and zkSync, stems from their promise to scale Ethereum through zero-knowledge rollups. Starknet introduced "Quantum Leap" in July, which has the potential to significantly increase Ethereum's transactions per second (TPS), from 13-15 to 37 TPS consistently and up to 90 TPS in some cases.

Starknet and zkSync are also actively developing zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) solutions to further enhance Ethereum's scalability throughout 2023. zkSync has gone a step further by working on a network of "Hyperchains," aiming to create an ecosystem of interoperable protocols and sovereign chains, with the goal of launching a working version by the end of 2023.

The decline in monthly active developers is partly attributed to a cyclical trend where newcomers dominate the developer market during bullish periods but decrease in numbers as cryptocurrency prices decline. However, established and emerging developers have remained relatively stable over the last year.

Starknet and zkSync's resilience in growing their developer communities in the face of this trend signifies their importance in the crypto landscape and their potential to drive innovation and adoption within the Ethereum ecosystem.

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